Stay away

Wesley Miller hunts in a completely different part of the state than Dennis Tietje — near Minden in Dubberly — and he has had just about equal success bagging December deer.

“I think the biggest thing is to not pressure your deer,” Miller said. “Don’t go into the woods unless you have to. Don’t go check cameras. Don’t go put corn out. And only hunt if the wind is right for the stand you want to hunt.”

Miller is adamant that he doesn’t want his deer to pattern him. Heck, he doesn’t even want them to know he’s there.

“By December, deer are getting a little spookier,” he said. “The big thing I avoid is checking deer cameras. I’ve already got pics of all the deer in my area and know which ones I’m looking for. And there are so many acorns around me that I don’t put any corn out this time of year.”

Putting corn out just gives deer a free meal they don’t have to look for. And Miller knows that most deer visits to corn piles and feeders are all after dark.

“So why in the world would you want to feed them when you’re just reducing daytime movement?” he asked.

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