Scent Shield key to bagging bucks

Brad Doughty is an excellent deer hunter, regularly bagging big bucks on public land. However, he does it with a little help from his Scent Shield and deer calls.

“I wash my hunting clothes with Scent Shield,” Doughty said. “I keep all my clothes in a big zip-closure bag. I also keep my boots in a bag that can be closed, and I don’t put them on until I get to the woods. You don’t want to be wearing the same boots you plan to hunt in if you have to stop for fuel — the boots are going to pick up that odor, and it will alert deer.”

But he starts his scent control even before he heads to the woods.

“Before I leave home, I’ll spray down really good with Scent Shield,” Doughty said. “Then, when I get to the woods, I’ll spray down again. I’ve noticed that where deer used to wind me, now that I use the scent-control spray, they never are able to detect my scent.”

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