Millennium M-150 deer stand

Lightweight, ultra-comfortable deer stand

Featuring a ComfortMAX seat with an adjustable height from 16 to 20 inches off the platform, the M-150 Monster hang-on stand has all the creature comforts of more permanent stands, while still offering the convenience of a hang-on stand.

Weighing a scant 19.5 pounds, it boasts a 300-pound weight capacity. With a wide, 24-inch platform and 20-inch wide seat, it allows the hunter to fold the seat up and out of the way, offering maximum flexibility to position for the perfect standing shot.

Have a perfectly-placed tree that leans? This stand can be adjusted, providing a level sit, even on trees leaning up to 15 degrees.

The powder-coated finish adds to the durability, and the included backstraps and full body harness make the M-150 Monster a complete setup, ready to put you in position for a great shot.

This stand offers convenience, portability, safety and solid comfort.

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