Young Holt has already harvested the deer of a lifetime

Molding the next generation of hunters takes careful consideration. Interests and egos are fragile, and the slightest instance of disappointment or upset can propel the future of the sport back into the world of video games and couch lounging.

Tim Holt’s passion for his children has been cultivating the love and interest in claiming a big buck. It paid off on Nov. 11 when his 7-year-old son, Clint, overcame the jitters and raised his rifle on an unsuspecting buck of significant size.

Making time to hunt becomes difficult when attempting to meet family commitments. On Friday, Nov. 10, a hunt was planned but canceled due to Clint’s brother, Davis, having a football game. Time was made for the next day, and the trio from Lake Providence set out to the private land they hunted in East Carroll Parish.

High expectations

Expectations were high as young Clint let the chance at a nice deer pass him by the year prior, and from then on, he has tried to atone for that mistake. Holt said that he knew an opportunity would present itself. They had been watching the movements of a nice-sized deer on cameras.

While father and sons waited, they were surprised by what appeared to be an acceptable-sized buck that stepped into view. Holt instructed young Clint to raise his 7mm 08 Ruger and take the shot.

“I told him you’d better take the shot,” Holt said. “His big brother was chomping to shoot the deer himself.”

On Nov. 11, Clint Holt, 7, was hunting with his brother and father in East Carroll Parish when he shot this big 14-point buck.

Clint drew a deep breath and surprised his father by counting out loud from three to one. He squeezed the trigger after completing his countdown, and his round made contact behind the buck’s left shoulder. Instead of falling from impact, the buck wandered, but not far.

“We had to track him about 75 to 80 yards,” Holt said.

Bigger than expected

While tracking Clint’s trophy, the group unanimously believed the buck to be modest, but they soon learned that it was much larger than they expected. The giant buck turned out to be a 14-point and scored 155 ½ inches.

“None of us thought it was that big,” Holt said. It is currently in the 5th place spot in the Big Buck Contest at Simmons’ in Bastrop.

With a meaningful kill comes bragging rights, so Holt and his sons decided to show off Clint’s trophy to some family members. All were excited and proud of Clint for his accomplishment, and one cousin, in particular, commented on the deer and its proportions, but young Clint quickly countered.

“I didn’t kill a deer,” Clint said. “I killed a giant!”

Holt laughed at his son’s comment and proudly acknowledged Clint’s skill as an up-and-coming hunter. He has certainly developed a love for the outdoors. With some season remaining and his current skill set, the big deer are certainly not safe with Clint hot on their trail.

“Last year was his first year hunting,” Holt said. “He loves it. Before he shot this deer, he just took a buck with a crossbow on our hunting trip to Kansas.”