Chances of killing nocturnal buck slim if he smells you

Hunting a mature buck that comes out only at night is challenging enough, but add human scent to the mix, and it becomes downright impossible.

That’s why Curtis Simpson from West Monroe is a scent-control fanatic.

“Because you’re so close to the bedding areas when you’re hunting nocturnal bucks,” Simpson began, “you’ve got to watch the wind and do everything you can to control your scent. If a mature buck winds you, that’s it. After that, he won’t come out until way after dark. You might be able to get away with him hearing or seeing you, but if he smells you you’re done.”

Besides being a fanatic about washing his hunting clothes in scent-free laundry detergent, not wearing his hunting clothes until he’s in the woods and spraying down with scent-eliminating spray, Simpson won’t sit in a stand if it’s not right. In fact, he’ll get down and move if the wind changes on him while hunting.

“I’ve been sitting only 15 minutes before and climbed down because the wind shifted directions,” he said. “I actually get pissed if a deer smells me. That’s why I killed a big buck at nine steps last year.”

For this particular deer, Simpson got on the stand and promptly got down at 7 a.m. because the wind shifted to the wrong direction. He left and came back the next morning when the wind was to his favor and killed this buck at 7:15.

“Everything’s already against you,” Simpson said. “Hunting a stand in the wrong wind is only going to make it worse. If the wind’s not right, don’t sit there.”

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