4 Louisiana prison guards accused of 26 illegal deer kills in Mississippi

Fines could top $62,000

Four Louisiana prison guards are accused of illegally killing 26 deer in Mississippi, according to media reports.

The Clarion-Ledger in Jackson, Miss. reports that the four guards — two of whom hail from Louisiana — could face fines that top $62,000.

The suspects have been identified as Brian K. Mulvihill, 34, and George M. Thorpe, 27, of Natchez, Miss.; Christie Roberson, 40, of Ferriday and Timothy J. Neal, 51, of Vidalia.

The guards were being investigated for bringing contraband into the prison when deputies discovered possible evidence of illegal hunting activities on their cell phones, which had been surrendered in the course of the contraband investigation.

The foursome face 133 charges including 26 counts of headlighting deer, 26 counts of hunting after hours, 26 counts of hunting from a public road, 26 counts of unlawful possession of illegally taken game, 26 counts of unlawful shot size after legal hunting hours and hunting without a license by non-residents, The Clarion-Ledger reported.

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