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Camp potatoes are done and the steaks have hit the Disc.

FIREDISC is versatile, portable cooking system

If you are like most woods and waters lovers, your two favorite places to cook are indoors and outdoors. And that includes anywhere you want to go. That pretty well covers it, right? And ever since fire was invented, man has looked for creative new ways to cook.

Using a disc cooker isn’t necessarily new, but a couple of brothers out in Texas have come up with the new FIREDISC cooking system that is as versatile as it is portable. It’s a grill, wok, fryer and steamer all in one. And it folds up small enough to fit behind the seat in your pickup truck, including the fuel source.

The disc’s design includes three cooking areas — a hot center, medium middle ring and an outside segment that just keeps food warm. The FIREDISC is great for fixing something like stir fry. It’s perfect for grilling a steak, frying up pork chops and even cooking a big camp breakfast. Try a stir fry with a pound of big shrimp, some chopped cabbage, purple onion, some red peppers and asparagus tips and a few pre-cooked noodles (which, by the way, I have). Every ingredient needs a different cooking time so you can cook one ingredient at a time, then stir it all together — in the same “pan.” When it’s done and plated with a sliced avocado, as Guy Fieri would say, “You are riding the bus to Flavortown.”

It also has the power to allow you to fill it up with oil and fry fish and French fries.

The most attractive thing about the FIREDISC, besides how it cooks, is that it is so portable. You can be power cooking with a one-pound canister of propane for on-the-go cooking, or you can hook up to a 20-pound bottle on your back porch or outdoor kitchen. The cooking disc itself comes off, the legs fold up and it stores in a fairly small space. The stainless steel disc is heavy and durable. It also comes with an array of options and accessories.

Texan brothers Hunter and Griff Jaggard were frustrated with finding the right cooking setup for their hobbies like hunting, fishing, camping and tailgating, plus having a versatile tool for use at home. The brothers reimagined what cooking outside could be and combined that with the traditional disc type cooking that is popular in their region. They began their project in 2010 and it took a while. By 2017, they had it where they wanted it and they both left commercial real estate careers to focus on their passion.

Hunting camp steaks

Blackened New York Strips are done and resting on the versatile and portable FIREDISC.

One of my favorite meals so far on the FIREDISC was a meal of blackened steak and camp potatoes on the outdoor porch at deer camp this past season. We peeled and chopped up three large baking potatoes, a big onion, a bell pepper and three gloves of garlic, gave it a good shake of Cajun seasoning and sautéed it all together in a quarter cup of olive oil in the FIREDISC. Then we slid the potatoes to the warming area when they were browned and tender.

Next we tossed some marinated New York Strip steaks on the hot center and blackened them on both sides, let them rest about five minutes and gobbled it up. The whole process from grill setup to prep to cooking to eating took about 25 minutes. And cleanup consisted of letting the disc cool, wiping it down good with a damp cloth, then a quick rub of oil on the cooking surface to prevent rusting. You need to store the disc in a dry area where dampness won’t cause the stainless steel surface to rust where it isn’t seasoned.

You can learn all about the FireDisc cookers, how to use them and all the accessories at

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