With autumn comes more outdoor options

Most of us are happy using conventional tackle offshore, but the excitement level kicks up a notch by switching to fly rods.

Here in Sportsman’s Paradise, we are not without outdoor options during any season of the year. Before an outing, the average outdoorsman has to decide what type of species he’ll fish and where he’ll launch to do it. Then, once he’s there, he might have a maze of marsh to choose from for his specific destinations.Options are a great thing to have.

And that’s why I love the fall. In the fall, every species of fish known to Louisiana waters is biting with reckless abandon, and now hunting is thrown into the mix, which increases the options exponentially.

But, of course, all these choices can lead to the paralysis of analysis for outdoorsmen who spend too much time weighing all the different options and have a hard time selecting one.

If you find yourself in such a bind, use the following two lists to help you make your choices:

Top Ten Reasons Fishing is Better Than Hunting

10. You don’t have to worry about whether the trout will fly down for the winter.

9. You don’t come back from a fishing trip with Gatorade bottles full of urine in your backpack.

8. You don’t have to feed bass-sniffing beagles all year.

7. A flounder fillet tastes better than any duck breast cooked any kind of way.

6. In most of Louisiana (not including much of the coast, of course), you don’t need a lease to go fishing.

5. Your biggest risk is from something other than being so utterly bored that you fall asleep and plummet to the ground from your treestand.

4. You don’t have to pick up redfish droppings to make sure you’re in a good spot.

3. You don’t have to follow the blood trail in your ice chest to locate the fish you’ve already caught.

2. Regulations don’t require you to cover your favorite fishing clothes with a bright orange vest.

1. The application of copious amounts of bug spray won’t scare off your quarry.

Top Ten Reasons Hunting is Better Than Fishing

10. You don’t need a baitwell to keep your deer corn alive.

9. You don’t get any evil looks from your buddy when you miss netting his duck six times, and it gets away.

8. Catch a fish, feed your family dinner; kill a deer, feed your family for months.

7. Anglers get to lie only about a fish’s weight; hunters get to lie about a buck’s weight and rack size.

6. You get to use cool phrases like “fell in its tracks” and “folded like a tent.”

5. You get to drink your Coke from cans that aren’t covered with slime.

4. The abundant leaves come in quite handy when you forget your toilet paper.

3. Two words: duck calls.

2. A tailing redfish might be too far away for a cast, but nothing’s out of range of a 7 Mag.

1. Mmmmm! Mmmmm! Don’t you just love the smell of a doe in heat?

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