Tail spinner makes plastic worm irresistible

Addition of small blade provides flash, flexible presentation

There are spinner baits and there are plastics. And then there are spinner plastics.

That amalgamation is essentially what you get with a little Senko-like lure when you add a small spinner to the tail.

Austin Abadie of Gonzales uses this lure regularly, and said it’s a choice that allows him to fish a lot of different ways.

One minute, he’ll be working it along like a regular worm. The next cast, he might steadily reel it —just like a spinner bait. And then he can fish it like the dead-stick it is, with the little spinner adding extra attraction as it flutters toward the bottom.

“You can pause it, and it flutters,” Abadie said. “It flutters, and that blade just turns the whole time.”

And it’s deadly when there’s vegetation.

“It’s pretty much weedless,” Abadie explained. “It comes right through the grass.”

And it’s very easy to put together using a Senko-like bait, a small Colorado blade, a barrel swivel and a small bait screw.

“I get the components from Ivy’s Tackle Box (in Morgan City),” Abadie said.

His preference is to use a chartreuse blade.

Once he’s built the bladed component, he simply screws it into the end of a stick bait, and he’s ready to go.

Instead of a bullet weight, Abadie fishes it on a 3/0 weighted hook.

“I like the 1/16-ounce hooks,” he said.

If there’s a downside, it would be that fish are so attracted to the fluttering blade that they can miss the hook.

“You get a lot of short strikes,” Abadie said. “And you can lose the spinner.

“It can be a very expensive little bait, but it’s effective.

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