Memorial Day swordfish saves the day

Day started out of Venice, Louisiana. We headed down river to East Bay to make our way to the snapper rigs we chose to go to. The snapper weren’t biting like they normally do. We usually drop a whole pogie down 50 seconds and immediately would get demolished. But that was not the case yesterday.

Sharks kept breaking our lines and we only managed to get three 20-pound snappers in the boat. The day started out slow so we decided to pack up and head 15 miles further out and drop for swordfish while we rig up for snapper for later in the day, unexpectedly knowing the outcome of the day .

We then get to our swordfish spot, dropped our tip rod and waited … about 20 minutes later the tip of our rod flickered and 45 minutes into the fight we landed a 60-pound swordfish. We decided then to drop our tip rod down once again while also having our buoy rod out. Within 5 minutes our tip rod had a very subtle movement that the girls on the boat saw. Emma Remetich started reeling, setting the hook in the fish. After a 2-hour fight that everyone participated in, we landed a 148-pound swordfish. We then headed back to Venice Marina with a boat full of fish to make it back to the dock for 3:30 p.m. What a beautiful Memorial Day 2021 it was!

Pictured in the photo is Cameron Dworak – (captain of the recreational boat )
Kelsea Watts
Emma Remetich
Marcel Szabo
Perry Rosenson
Shane Hopkins