Amberjack, triggerfish recreational fishing seasons reopen Aug. 1

Anglers allowed two AJs, two triggerfish per day, Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council says

Fishing seasons for greater amberjack and gray triggerfish reopen Aug. 1 in federal waters, the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council announced today.

The bag limit for greater amberjack is one fish per angler with a minimum size limit of 30 inches fork length, the council said.

The season’s triggerfish bag limit is two fish per person with a 14-inch fork length minimum size limit, managers said.

The commercial gray triggerfish season also reopens Aug. 1 and includes a 12-fish trip limit with the same size limit as is in place for recreational fishing, the council reported.

Fork length is measured from the tip of a fish’s closed mouth to the center of the tail fork. Watch the attached video to learn how to properly measure and identify gray triggerfish.

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