Leeville beaches fill up with trout in July

Capt. Bobby Gros said Leeville anglers will have plenty of action on the beaches for specks and white trout.
Capt. Bobby Gros said Leeville anglers will have plenty of action on the beaches for specks and white trout.

Bobby Gros at Bobby Lynn’s Marina in Leeville said that if tropical storms don’t interfere, July should be a speckled trout slam-dunk, with big white trout and redfish thrown into the mix, making for a summer smorgasbord.

Full and new moons

“I look for some outstanding action along the beaches around the full moon and the new moon in July,” said Gros (985-396-2678). “All the beaches will be on fire, and the best action starts early in the morning. I fish between the first and second troughs between the sandbars off the beaches, because the trout will feed up close to the beach before the sun gets up and the heater turns on to blast cycle. I like to fish live shrimp or live croakers on a sliding-sinker rig, or you can fish under a cork early in the first and second trough because it’s not too deep.

“Once the sun gets up, you have to back up to the second and third troughs off the beaches where the water is a little deeper and cooler, and for sure, you want to put down the cork rig and fish that sliding-sinker rig. And if you are fishing with live croakers, which are an excellent bait in July, remember not to set the hook at the first bump when the trout hit your bait. Those big trout will hit that croaker hard to stun it, but they won’t immediately swallow it. So be patient, give it a few seconds after the stun bump, and he’ll be back to inhale that stunned croaker. The key is don’t set the hook until you feel the trout swimming away with it. Then you set it and reel that big trout in. It’s a blast fishing the beaches in July and catching those big trout.”

Back bays

Chris Mcwhorter was fishing out of Leeville when he hooked into this massive bull red on light tackle. He was fishing for speckled trout with shrimp under a popping cork.

Gros said while great action is on the beaches around the full and new moons, the in-between action is in the back bays behind East Timbalier and West Timbalier, Lake Raccourci, Hackberry, Barataria Bay, Bassa Bassa, Lake Barre — all the big bays.

“Fish the platforms, the islands and the oyster reefs for specks and some nice-sized white trout. The Fourchon rock jetties will hold big sheepshead and big reds, and the old Fourchon barges will produce as well,” he said. “I still prefer live shrimp under a cork, but those fish will also put a hurt on your soft plastic baits in July.”

Gros likes the clear/chartreuse H&H cocohoes, pearl/chartreuse or anything shrimp-colored. He said High Water Lures’ southern shrimp color has been productive, but no matter what plastic bait you toss, it should have a chartreuse tail.

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