Which artificial shrimp is best?

Some shrimp imitations look far better underwater than others

Buy enough live shrimp, and eventually you might have to sell off one of your children. But no one can deny speckled trout love the tasty crustaceans, and many anglers simply refuse to leave the dock without a couple hundred of them enjoying a nice Jacuzzi bath in the baitwell.

But is it really necessary to spend all that money on the real thing? Manufacturers are perfecting the design of imitation shrimp, and some look more like live shrimp than live shrimp do.

In order to compare and contrast the features of each and how they look underwater, I took a rod, a cork and an assortment of artificial shrimp to a buddy’s pool for the latest installment of the Pool Boy series on the Marsh Man Masson YouTube channel.

The results were eye-opening for me, and will certainly impact my lure choices as more and more white shrimp are sucked out of backwater marshes by falling autumn tides.

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