Magic Bait for Trout and Redfish

Season 6, Episode 6

This week’s episode of Sportsman TV features a tried and true but often forgotten trick of inshore fishing – live cocahoe minnows. The cocahoe used to be a mainstay in boats around the coast but as they became less available anglers have started using live shrimp and croakers more often.

Capt. Kip Plaisance of Tidewater Charters still holds true to the cocahoe and he put it on full display for this episode. Kip set up his son Max, host Greg Hackney and CCA’s Rad Trascher with popping corks and live minnows for an all day catch-fest that resulted in an action packed show.

Kip located his fish by first finding clean water and then fished broken shorelines. He likes to fish a particular spot a little while and then move down the bank a few hundred yards. In the episode he details this technique. As inshore anglers gear up for the spring patterns, they won’t want to miss Capt. Kip’s tips.

Hackney was in full Hack Attack mode as he took plenty of time to joke around in between reeling in speckled trout and redfish. He even takes the time to break down some of the techniques the group used that day as well.

The group produced a nice mixed box of trout and redfish in what proves to be an episode inshore anglers will love.

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