Campo’s Marina has best live shrimp, guide says

Capt. Mark Munson has a successful charter fishing operation out of Shell Beach. And every morning he has a charter, Munson idles his boat down to a marina to get live shrimp.

There are multiple marinas in the area, but Munson greatly prefers one.

“Campo’s (Marina) has got the best live shrimp in town,” he said. “I don’t just say that because I keep my boat in Shell Beach: They absolutely have the prettiest shrimp, and the count that you get is fabulous.”

Some marinas are stingy with the shrimp and aim to let every penny possible swing in their favor. You might look in your bait bucket and wonder if that’s really the number of shrimp you ordered, but Munson said that doesn’t happen at Campo’s.

If anything, it goes in the consumer’s favor.

“If I ordered 100 shrimp, I’ll probably end up getting 120,” he said. “I see the way they keep them, and they are extremely healthy.”

Munson said most people have one big misconception about putting their boat in at Campo’s.

“People have this aversion to launching at Campo’s because they think, ‘Well, I go to Campo’s and I have to drive all the way down the MRGO with my boat before I can get to Bayou La Loutre,’” Munson said. “It’s only five miles, and when you pull up you don’t have to wait in line for 30 minutes to launch your boat like you do at some other marinas.

“You pull up, you get your shrimp, you get in the water and by the time you’re all the way down to La Loutre by the dam, other people are still waiting in line.”

Call 504-239-6377 for more information on Campo’s Marina.

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