Beginner kayak fishing basics

Veteran kayak angler Corey Coghlan said there are a few things novice kayak anglers should keep in mind when hitting the marshes along the coast.

“Probably the most important thing,” Coglhan explained, “is to always be aware of the tide. If it’s falling, you can get stranded because the water can drop out of a pond very quickly. It can go from a pond full of water to mud in 10 minutes, and sometimes I’ve had to work to get out of one.

“Another thing is that everything looks different between high tide and low tide. If there’s a big change in the water level, places you’ve been to earlier won’t look familiar.”

Coghlan then added a last piece of advice.

“You need to be careful if you’re going to be in the channels before daylight or after dark. If you are, you need to have your kayak well lighted so other boats can see you.”

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A native of Winn Parish, Terry L. Jones has enjoyed hunting and fishing North Louisiana’s woods and water for 50 years. He lives in West Monroe with his wife, Carol.

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