Anglers share trophy tips at Trout Masters event

If you’re looking to catch the biggest trout of your life this fishing season, there’s one bait that should definitely not be on the terminal end of your line.

“The only time I mess with shrimp is when I eat them boiled,” said avid angler Terry St. Cyr.

St. Cyr was one of 13 anglers participating in the “Meet the Trout Masters” event at the Louisiana Sportsmen’s Show on Sunday. The trophy-trout fishermen were all featured in Jerald Horst’s wildly popular book “Trout Masters: How Louisiana’s best anglers catch the lunkers.”

Attending the event were David “T-Coon” Billeaud, Will Drost, John “Charlie” Lieux, Jeff and Mary Poe, Ed Sexton, Kirk, Guy and Bobby Stansel, St. Cyr, Allen “Chink” Sumas Jr., Ulysse “Bootsie” Toups Jr. and Dudley Vandenborre Jr. Harry Hildebrand is also featured in the book, but was unable to attend due to illness.

The event was emceed by radio personality Don Dubuc, and was the first-of-its-kind gathering of the best trophy trout fishermen in the state.

Horst selected the anglers for the book after analyzing data submitted during a program called Trout Watchers he helped organize before he retired from LSU.

“We have the numbers as evidence that these people catch big trout,” Horst told the gathering at the Sportsmen’s Show. “I called the top 14 people on the list, told them my idea about the book, and they all said, ‘Yes, come ride with us.’

“So, for the next year, that’s what I did. I might be the most privileged fisherman in the state.”

During the event, Dubuc called the trout masters up in groups to answer questions about trophy trout fishing. Audience members were also allowed to ask questions.

After the event, the anglers stayed around to sign books and offer one-on-one fishing advice to show attendees.

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