An exclusive club: Louisiana’s Top 10 speckled trout

You’ll need at least a 10 ½-pounder this year to join the group

Last year, only one angler managed to crack into the record books for the state’s Top 10 speckled trout.

And before Jason Ellender landed a 10.65-pound monster in Sabine Lake in March of 2013, the last time someone squeezed into the Top 10 was in 2004.

Considering the number of anglers across Louisiana’s coast who fish for specks, that’s pretty remarkable.

In fact, only five Top 10 fish have been landed since the year 2000.

But a quick peek at the list, compiled by the Louisiana Outdoor Writers Association, shows that seven of the biggest fish were caught in the months of April and May.

So while many dream of reeling in that first 5-, 6- or 7-pounder, check out the rarefied air these 11 guys experienced when they boated a double-digit speckled trout.

To crack into the state’s Top 10, you’re going to need slightly more than 10 ½ pounds this year.

According to the record books, the next six weeks are when it could happen.

Good luck.

Louisiana’s Top 10 Speckled Trout

     Weight      Angler                            Location                          Date

1.   12.38     Leon Mattes                     Lake Hermitage                 May, 1950

2.   11.99     Kenneth Kreeger              Lake Pontchartrain            Jan. 1999

3.   11.24     Jason Troullier                   Rigolets (Lake Borgne)     Sept., 1999

4.   11.16     Timothy Mahoney, II         Calcasieu Lake                 May, 2002

5.   10.81     Kevin Galley                     Calcasieu Lake                 May, 1997

6.   10.75     Randolph D. Green            Sandy Point                     Aug. 1970

7.   10.70     Barry Terrell                     Calcasieu Lake                 May, 2004

8.   10.65     Jason Ellender                   Sabine Lake                    March, 2013

9.   10.63     John Kaparis                     Unknown                         May, 1979

10. 10.50     Dudley Vandenborre, Jr.    Lake Pontchartrain           April, 2002

10. 10.50     Ed Sexton                          Venice                            April, 2000

Source: Louisiana Outdoor Writers Association, as of March 25, 2014

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