Long and Short

For wintertime crappie, try these deadly trolling techniques on any of several Louisiana lakes.

There are as many ways to catch crappie as there are names for the tasty fish. Some prefer dipping a cork and shiner in tree tops, some use nothing but jigs in open water, and still others rig up multi-pole “spider rigs” with both jigs and shiners to fish flats and deep holes.

My love for the sport definitely came from my mother, who would sit on the bank of Dugdemona River for hours at her favorite stump hoping to snag a white perch while I ran yo-yos.

After dunking shiners in countless North Louisiana tree tops over the years, I moved on to jigs and eventually learned that open-water fishing could be even more productive than tops.
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A native of Winn Parish, Terry L. Jones has enjoyed hunting and fishing North Louisiana’s woods and water for 50 years. He lives in West Monroe with his wife, Carol.