Berkley Gulp! Shad Guts

When anglers reach for stink baits or live bait to hit the waters in search of catfish there will always be wasted product remaining. It is an inevitable fact of using these products. Plus, the benefits of such products continue to be thwarted by Berkley Gulp! catfish baits that simply catch more fish. The new Berkley Gulp! Shad Guts are no exception.

With unique, random extruded shapes, Shad Guts offers a biodegradeable alternative to natural intestines that catfish anglers love. Shad Guts are convenient, easily stored and easy to rig in any situation. Whether you prefer bottom bouncing this exciting bait, tightlining or fishing under a bobber, Shad Guts hold and deliver more scent dispersion than the natural version.

“Live or natural bait can be replaced,” said John Prochnow, Berkley Bait Development. “We have proven that with the new Berkley Gulp! Shad Guts. These natural looking entrails entice fish to bite by combining the irresistible Gulp! scent and natural-looking appeal. I typically rig my Shad Guts on a 3/0 treble hook. Simply wrap the Shad Guts around the hook a few times, sinking the hook through the Shad Guts when you near the end of bait. After that, cast out and hang on for some fun.”

Gulp! Shad Guts won’t create unwanted waste, unlike live or natural bait options. Catfish search out baits that are laced with scent like Gulp!. As the bait hits the water the Gulp! scent disperses, like a giant scent cloud, drawing in catfish from the area. Anglers won’t be disappointed by the performance and lack of mess by Gulp! Shad Guts.

Retail: $5.99