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Todd Faircloth, Texas

“Look for points, corners and drains at the mouths of the major creeks. Depth will vary depending on lake level, but it’s best when the outside edge is somewhere between 10 to 20 feet deep. Keep in mind that the fish follow the contour changes and use the grass as cover.

“I like to pitch a Strike King 1 1/4 ounce jig on the outside grass edge. Black/blue and pumpkin green are my favorite colors. I will use a matching Strike King Rodent or Rage Craw as my trailer.

“Ninety percent of the bites will come on the fall.”

Equipment used: 7 1/2-foot Castaway flipping rod with 50-pound Sunline braid.

Stephen Browning, Arkansas

For most situations during the summer, I like to use my electronics and find offshore areas like drops and humps. I start by looking on main-lake creek channels where feeder creeks intersect; this creates ambush points that can hold good schools of bass.

“If these intersection have small brush piles on them, they will most likely have bass around them. Depth range can be from 12 to 20 feet on top of the cover.

“Make sure to stay up to date on any current that may be released from the dam. Bass generally will feed during this time because the current will move baitfish looking for current eddies.

“Crankbaits like the Live Target Baitball Treadfin Shad can be awesome when you can tick the top of the brush. But there are time when a more subtle approach is necessary; that’s when I will pick up a Z-Man Saw Tail WormZ or a Finesse WormZ and fish more slowly.”

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