Rapala Crankin’ Rap

Bass anglers are in for the fish fight of a lifetime when they hook on the new Crankin’ Rap from Rapala. Similar to the tried-and-true Storm Wiggle Wart, the Crankin’ Rap features a round body and thin tail that provide an enticing wobbling action that bass and other species can’t resist.

Available in five sizes, the Crankin’ Rap is designed to target specific depth zones throughout the water column, covering from 2-to-14 feet. Sizes 03 and 05 feature a square lip that plows through the water between 2 and 5 feet, while sizes 08, 10 and 14 feature a round lip that plummets this tantalizing bass treat between 7 and 14 feet deep.

Each size of the Crankin’ Rap also features the lure’s running depth prominently displayed on the lure’s lip, allowing anglers to at-a-glance determine what size Crankin’ Rap will work best for a specific application.

Equipped with VMC Black Nickel Treble Hooks and mesmerizing holographic 3D eyes, the Crankin’ Rap is sure to be the next big on-the-water hit.

Anglers can choose from 12 must-have color patterns including Hot Mustard, Firetiger, Helsinki Shad, Green Craw, Shad, Brown Bone, Regal Shad, Red Crawdad, Melon Shad, Moss Shad, Original Pearl Shad and Hot Olive.

Get ready for a reel-rockin’ good time with the new Crankin’ Rap.

Retail: $5.99