Haygrass is new at Toledo Bend but provides perfect bass habitat

Haybrass is a relative newcomer to Toledo Bend, but is a welcome addition.

“It’s a real common grass in lakes,” LDWF’s Jason Brancamp said. “When water levels drop we see it as it shows up on exposed shorelines and lake beds.

“It can survive partially exposed to water, but eventually the grass mats can die if it remains submerged for a long period.”

Parts of Housen Bay have a lot of haygrass, and numerous double-digit bass were taken off the foliage’s edges last year.

It is characterized by hard, pointy stems shooting out underwater.

Shiners, shad, crawfish and panfish ease into and under it as cover, and that attracts hungry bass.

Toledo Bend anglers have been successful casting lures near its edges especially when the haygrass is situated near a drain or relatively deeper ledge.

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