Geared for raising Cane

Logan Mount’s fishing gear is more organized than some sporting goods stores. When he raises the lid on the compartments of his Phoenix 721 ProXP bass boat, it’s amazingly tidy.

“I do like to keep things organized, because when I’m on the water and I need something, I don’t waste valuable time having to look for it,” he says.

When he goes to the Cane River, he is just as organized, matching his gear to maximize fishing on the river. There are two rigs he won’t leave home without.

“Definitely, definitely, definitely never go to the Cane River without a flipping setup,” he says. “Mine is a 7-foot, 11-inch Megabass Orochi XX heavy rod with a Shimano Chronarch reel spooled with 65-pound Sunline FX2 braid. My go-to lure setup is a ¾-ounce green pumpkin Reins punch weight with a No. 2 TroKar hook armed with a Reins craw tube in green pumpkin.”

“The second setup is for fishing a frog,” he says. “I go with the Megabass Destroyer in the 7-foot, 6-inch length, also heavy action. I pair it with a Chronarch reel, but use 50-pound braid because it gives you a little more control. The frogs I fish most of the time are a Spro Bronzeye Poppin’ frog in red ear, a Spro Bronzeye Frog in natural red or a 6th Sense SplashBack in Bluegill Spawn color.”

Lots of other baits catch fish on the Cane as well, he says. When the grass or reeds are open enough, a gold double-willow leaf blade War Eagle spinnerbait works well and when fishing tops, a Texas rig with dark colored plastic worms work well. He also flips a regular size watermelon Zoom Brush Hog regularly when the fish are on the edges of the structure and he doesn’t have to punch through to get back where fish are hiding.

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