Delta Lures’ spinnerbait is bass pro Latuso’s December pick

Logan Latuso, a bass pro from Gonzales, loves Delta Lures’ Double Colorado spinnerbait this month.

“It’s definitely a go-to fish catcher in December,” he said, pointing to a 3/8- or ½-ounce bait from the company headquartered in LaPlace. It’s highly effective when the water temperature drops into the 50s.

“I like the spinnerbait pretty much everywhere I go. It’s pretty much my go-to,” he said.

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Sure, Latuso also favors a Delta Lures Rattling Jig or a Delta Lures Thunder Jig in December, especially in Louisiana waters.

“Otherwise, when the water temperature gets below 60 degrees, I like that spinnerbait,” he said. “I like a bigger spinnerbait (with Nos. 4 and 5 blades), because in the winter, bass are kind of lethargic, and you can thump it and slow-roll it.”


Latuso is partial to an orange No. 4 and gold No. 5 blade much of the time, particularly in water with a little color. It’s all about those Colorado blades thumping on the retrieve, he said, which is why he favors a reel with a 6:3.1 ratio on a 7-foot Fitzgerald MH for the 3/8-ounce model and a 7-foot-3 MJH for the ½-ounce model. He throws both on 16-pound Sunline FC Sniper flourocarbon.

While his favorite skirt is the chartreuse/white H&H rubber skirt, he also throws the Delta Shad-colored 44-strand silicone skirt.

“I like all of it. It’s got a good hook (Mustad Ultra Point) on it, a high-end ball bearing swivel, trailer keeper and custom stainless steel wire frame. It’s true running and you can feel a lot with it,” he said.

Mostly, Latuso fishes the spinnerbait in 1- to 5-foot depths, which he sees a lot of when he’s fishing his home waters. It triggers strikes around wood, rocks and on grassy flats, he said, which is where he was when he won a Louisiana B.A.S.S. Nation tournament in 2019 at Toledo Bend.

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