Berkley PowerBait Heavy Weight Thump Worm

The Berkley PowerBait Heavy Weight Thump Worm is designed to cover water, whether it is just below the surface or at deeper columns. The oversized tail creates the thumping sound that grabs the attention of surrounding bass.

The Heavy Weight Thump Worm is injected with one of the most effective scents on the market that fish bite and won’t let go – PowerBait. Besides being laced with PowerBait, the Thump Worm is injected with a special material that adds weight to the worm, which gives it extra thump and vibration to attract fish from nearby.

Anglers can choose to fish this bait weightless or Texas rigged. With the unique paddle tail this Thump Worm is efficient when fished in muddy or stained waters where bass rely on sounds and vibration to lead them to their next meal. The secret is to keep the bait moving to gain advantage of the tail action.

Anglers can change the Thump Worm from a weighted worm to a “buzz” worm with more vibration with a simple cut along the indentation on the unique paddle tail.

The 7-inch Heavy Weight Thump worm is available in eight fish-catching colors: Black, Black/Blue Fleck, Black/Red Fleck, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Party, Pearl Silver, Watermelon and Watermelon Big Red.

Retail: $5.99.