Alumacraft 2072 Bay

The Bay Series is new for Alumacraft, and the company entered the category with 18- and 20-foot models. With their years of experience building high-performance, deep-V hulls, Alumacraft craftsmen had the know-how to build superior aluminum fishing boats and it was simply a matter of putting it together in a package tailored to skinny water.

The 2072 Bay is Alumacraft’s top-of-the-line bay boat model, and it comes with the storage and features fishermen need. There are also multiple options that fishermen can add to customize the boat more to their fishing style, but the 2072 Bay begins as an advanced basic package.

The quality of the 2072 Bay begins below the waterline, where its modified V hull is made from a single sheet of heavy-gauge, top-quality 5052 marine-grade aluminum. With no seams below the waterline, there is nothing to split and leak.

The hull fastens to ribs that are made wider and from heavier-gauge aluminum, and are positioned on 12-inch centers. This makes a rigid hull that is stronger and helps manage deteriorating conditions when Mother Nature sends an unexpected storm your way.

There is also a tunnel-hulled version of the 2072 Bay for those fishermen who prefer the skinniest of waters. The tunnel shaves several inches off the already minimal 11-inch draft and makes it possible to reach redfish other anglers miss.

The wide hull balances well, and keeps the fore and aft fishing platforms rock steady. Twin livewells allow separating bait and your catch or storing live bait fore and aft.

Rod lockers on each side are wood-free and can comfortably cradle rods to 8 feet. All latches, grab rails and other hardware is the highest quality, chosen to be durable and work well on day one or year 10.

Combine all of this with Alumacraft workmanship and fishability, and it’s easy to understand why inshore anglers will love the 2072 Bay.


• Length: 20 feet

• Beam: 94 inches

• Transom width: 94 inches

• Transom height: 21 inches

• Depth: 11 inches

• Horsepower rating: 150 horsepower maximum

• Weight: 1,175 pounds (standard) or 1,185 pounds (tunnel)

• Hull Thickness: 0.102 inch

• Freeboard thickness: 0.102 inch

• Maximum capacity: six people/2,100 pounds

• Fuel capacity: 30 gallons

• Bow and aft livewells

• Top quality hardware

• Five-year hull warranty

Arkadelphia, Ark.

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