The sac-a-lait are in trouble

Neal “Catfish” LeBlanc, Owner/Operator at Affordable Concrete Columns located in Scott, La., with his favorite fish to catch, sac-a-lait. He will travel as far north as Toledo Bend and as far south as Bayou Black. He fishes year round when he is not busy pouring concrete columns. This fish was caught Nov. 7 in the Atchafalaya Basin while fishing with his grandson and his so- in-law. With the water being so low this time of the year, it makes it hard to get to them with his Ranger Crappie edition boat. So he decided a few months ago to improvise and restored a custom mud boat that he bartered with some concrete work from a friend. The sac-a-lait are in trouble now because they cant hide from him anymore!

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