Kameron’s big freshwater drum

Kameron Lasserre caught this big freshwater drum that weighed in at exactly 25 pounds at Bayou Chevreuil on a dock with a tightline worm. Not knowing it would be the third biggest one caught in Louisiana according to the record books, he gave it to a friend to use as crab bait.

“My grandpa who has fished Bayou Chevreuil and Lake Des Allemands called me when he saw the fish and asked if I had weighed it. I told him yes, 25 pounds. He looked it up and realized it would be a record fish. So I will not be able to get in the record book because I do not have the fish anymore. All of the older men that I hunt with and live around the Vacherie/Chackbay area have told me it is the biggest one they have seen get caught in the area.”