He has seen it too many times for it to be an anomaly and he has yet to figure out why people — even guides — do it, but Capt. Jeff Poe with Big Lake Guide Service would never run over a potential fishing spot just to get to another potential fishing spot.

"It's like some boaters think that they've got all these waypoints in their boats and that they need to run over every one of them to get where they're going," Poe wandered aloud. "Say they're running to Grand Bayou. Well, they'll run over every reef between Commissary Point and Grand Bayou as if they are connecting the dots just to get there."

Poe insisted that running over future fishing spots like this will effect the trout, and he likened this practice to groups of ducks.

"Say you've got a whole lot of groups of birds out there on the water," Poe continued, "and you decide you're just going to run over every one of those groups of birds to get to that far group of birds. That wouldn't make much sense, and neither does running over spots that you're going to fish later in the day."