Many “private” waters are actually public

Although the shot fired at bass pro Gary Klein during the 2003 Bassmaster Classic was heard around the world via ESPN, I was more interested in an incident that happened to one of his fellow contenders — Harold Allen — while he was fishing not too far from Klein. […]


Main Attraction


A jolt of energy shot up my line and transferred to my rod tip. Some unseen fish had just struck my silver Croakertail bait; there was no doubt about it. […]


Croaker Soakers

Steve Lahare can make a sandwich better than Emeril Lagasse and complete an income-tax return faster than H&R Block, but when it comes to fishing, he’s no Bill Dance. […]


Trout Watchers info good, getting better

I celebrated a birthday last month, and judging by the number of candles my wife stuck in the cake, I must be 34. My kids think that’s ancient, but I would guess there are actually a whole lot more people in America older than me than younger. […]


Look out! Legislature back in session

There are many things I love about spring — manicured azaleas bursting with red, purple and white blossoms, the smell of freshly cut grass carried on thick breezes, and the rhythmic “tick-tick-tick” of a topwater bait that’s interrupted by an explosion from a yet unidentified fish. […]


Dog Days

Glenn Leingang has nowhere to go but down. That’s what happens when you achieve the pinnacle of a sport so early in your career. […]


Open letter to an old friend of mine


Hey, buddy! How’s everything? Long time, no see. I know it’s probably taxing to run the entire free world, but hey, a 20-minute phone call is only 99 cents. Is 20 minutes too much to ask from an old chum? […]


Frozen Fish on the Flats

For once, the cursed weathermen were right.

My fishing buddy, Perry Frey, and I opted to spend last Mardi Gras with our families at his camp in Delacroix rather than waving our hands in the air for trinkets along Veterans Boulevard. We figured it would be a lot more fun to fight speckled trout than drunken mobs. […]