Sportsman Survivor

Time travel is a scary proposition.

For one thing, you never know if the portal you slide down is two ways. I mean, really, when you’re vaporized from one era and reconstructed in another, is there any guarantee you’ll be able to get back to where you started? […]


2005 Duck Forecast

Monday, Nov. 7 — The jet stream, that great river of air that drives the continent’s weather, stretches in a mildly undulating line from Oregon to Maine, pushing storms and weather fronts from west to east across North America. […]


The days of 25-fish trout limits are numbered

When was the last time you caught a limit of speckled trout? Think about it. When was the last time you and your buddies pulled slime-coated, contorted trout, one by one, from the ice chest, counted them and then picked up your rods to catch the number remaining?

Guides, many of whom are on the water 200 or more days a year, probably caught too many limits over the last year to count, but few weekend anglers, I’m certain, came anywhere close to equaling that level of success. […]