Freshwater Fishing

Four seasons of Claiborne stripers

Persistent fishermen can catch striped bass on Lake Claiborne pretty much all year long. The four seasons of Claiborne stripers vary a little bit from traditional “seasons,” as Donny Hood outlined below. […]

Freshwater Fishing

Eat, sleep, fish

Whoever came up with the “Eat, Sleep, Fish” T-shirt must have been from Louisiana. That’s because usually everywhere you find good fishing, good food can’t be far away. […]

Freshwater Fishing

History of Claiborne stripers

Lake Claiborne was completed in 1967. Even before that time, Hood’s father had property on the lake, and the two of them have actually walked all the way across what he calls the Little Lake area of Claiborne, which is the large open area north of the Big Lake but still south of the two large arms that extend far to the north of the spillway almost all the way to downtown Homer in Claiborne Parish. […]


Top bream baits

Bream fishermen have a wide variety of lures to choose from. Here are Dr. Ray Jones, aka Dr. Bream’s, top picks for a summer bream buffet. […]

Freshwater Fishing

The Redneck Bait Keeper

There is a low-cost, effective method for keeping red worms, grass shrimp or other live bait cool and comfortable while still making them easy to get to in the heat of summer. […]