Inshore Fishing

Tips for the Delacroix trifecta

While Delacroix fishing is fabulous, it takes some skill and know-how to consistently connect on a trifecta. Gene Hoover and Chef KD Diez give some tips to help anglers make successful trips:



Sidney Haynes’ juglines

Sidney Haynes begins building his juglines by cutting a 6- or 7-inch section off a foam swimming pool noodle. He then cuts about a 10-foot length of twisted, tarred black nylon twine from its spool. He wraps one end around the center of the noodle section and ties it tightly.


News Breaker

Top 7 features for trout kayaks

Sure, sure, it’s old news that kayaks are a deadly effective tool for slipping up quietly on redfish grazing for lunch is marsh ponds only a foot deep.

But speckled trout is a whole ’nother game.


Creature Feature

Let’s call a spade a spade

They are everywhere. If you fish offshore at oil and gas platforms, clouds of the convict-striped fish are often visible underwater. Atlantic spadefish are a dominant species in the fish communities that develop around platforms. […]

Bass Fishing

Keep lure choices simple

Joe Lavigne says three lures are all that’s needed to successfully float fish the Tangipahoa River for spotted bass: a spinner, a buzzbait and a topwater plug. The “day-in-and-day-out” skirt color for the spinner and the buzzbait is chartreuse and white.



The Old River bream cycle

“Bream fishing in Old River is good from spring through October,” advised Padra Francois. “And the fishing is good. When people think of bream in Old River, they think of fish nearly a pound in weight.



Little things

Like any dedicated fishing specialist, Padra Francois has twists on how she likes to do things, beginning with the crickets she always uses for bait. She inserts the tip of the long shank No. 6 cricket hook into the butt of the insect, and then threads it onto the hook.