Black Gold

Gilbert’s James McMurray was getting worried. Deer season was ending and his freezer was sorely lacking packages marked “venison” to carry his family through the months ahead. […]


Keep Your Powder Dry

I admit I was pumped. The prospect of taking a deer with my muzzleloader on video set pretty well with me.

I was hunting with good friend Luke Lewis on a hunting lease that is adjacent to Jackson-Bienville Wildlife Management Area south of Ruston. Lewis, a wildlife biologist, planned to video me taking a deer on video, and was all set to preserve my special moment for my grandchildren to one day enjoy.

Bass Fishing

Cool School

The memories of the summers of my youth growing up in rural North Louisiana are as vivid today as they were then — no school for three months, shoes and shirts tossed in the closet, cut-off jeans the only required apparel until September. […]


Red-Hot Summer

Before turkey hunting totally messed up my mind, I always looked forward to spring and the opportunity to trailer my boat to a nearby lake to do battle with big, sway-bellied spawning bass, crappie hanging out around the roots of shallow cypresses or my favorite, finding a bed of bream. […]

Bass Fishing

Jerk in a Jam

Occasionally, you awaken to one of those special mornings when you have a compelling urge to hook up the boat and head for the lake. It’s a day when everything just feels right. Your confidence level is elevated because you sense that today, it’s going to happen.

I recall one of those mornings a couple of springs ago. An early-spring front had blown through three days prior, chasing the bass from the shallows. […]