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Tips for better fish mounts

Just from the bite you can tell it’s a good one — far more aggressive than previous strikes of the day. The bend in your rod and the screaming drag indicate this fish has some shoulders. 



Great taxidermy tips for fish mounts

Just from the bite, you can tell it’s a good one, far more aggressive than previous strikes of the day. The bend in your rod and the screaming drag indicate this fish has some shoulders. 

And all at once, the possibilities are flying through your head: Is this my personal best? Maybe even a state record? 

After a moment that seemed to take years, the big brute finally tires and is brought boat-side, where it’s quickly netted and welcomed aboard. 

The boat erupts in high fives and smiles, but the behemoth flopping around on the deck is likely already jeopardizing the quality of the mount you might seek from your local professional taxidermist. 



Youth-hunting considerations

Often putting to use his resources as general manager of Honey Brake at the Louisiana Delta Plantation, Drew Keeth is a staunch supporter of the annual LDWF youth weekends. Each year Keeth hosts young hunters to this sprawling waterfowl wonderland near Catahoula Lake to provide a taste of early arriving birds.


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Get retrievers in shape now

You’ve been pumped up for months on end — really since the last season ended. The boat or ATV is ready, and the credit card statement has a laundry list of purchases of all the must-haves bought during the offseason.


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Another season of spotty duck hunting comes to a close

Over the weekend, many East Zone hunters were greeted with fog and temperatures reflective of a nice late March morning when they headed to their blinds. Winds were on the lighter side as another cool front stalled to the north without making a push down to the Gulf of Mexico.

Most considered it par for the course, another dip in the roller coaster ride we’ve grown accustomed to when it comes to Louisiana winters. Though many fronts did manage to push through and bring new ducks to the state, hunters without food resources to hold them continued to struggle as the 2013 hunting season came to a close. […]

Waterfowl & Duck Hunting

First duck-hunting split largely hit and miss for many, fizzles to a close

After a roller coaster ride of weather throughout the first split of the 2012-13 waterfowl season, it was only fitting that the Coastal and East zones would close on a balmy weekend to kick off December.

With duck hunting largely weather dependent, hunting success came and went with the passing fronts for most hunters. Cold fronts brought in new birds over hunters’ decoys, but then action would often fizzle as the winds turned from northerly to southerly and temperatures rose. […]

Waterfowl & Duck Hunting

Latest front expected to bolster number of opening-weekend ducks

Timely fronts should make for a decent opening weekend
As another well-timed cold front settles into the Bayou State, it hopefully brings with it a new wave of migrators riding the stout northerly winds. This should help reinforce the ducks having come through en masse following the strong front and full moon during the last weekend of October.

Though temperatures are forecast to warm up by this weekend’s opener, hunters across the state have been encouraged by what’s already arrived. […]

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Teal season strong for many, but Southeast Louisiana struggled

As the last feathers hit the pond on the September teal season, many hunters around the state were happy with their newly stocked freezers. With overall teal numbers up for the state, those birds that came down were welcomed with habitat that was in generally good condition from rice fields and crawfish ponds to flooded sloughs and cypress swamps

Freshwater marshes in Central and Southwest Louisiana largely fared well, with summer rains significantly improving habitat from one year ago. […]

Waterfowl & Duck Hunting

Conditions look good for teal-season opener despite Hurricane Isaac’s passing

As we enter the final days before the 2012 teal season, there’s much to look forward to for most hunters across the Bayou State. Record drought to our north has combined with record numbers of birds reported to be winging south this fall. Further, late-summer rains have helped bail out much of our state from its drought, making for promising conditions for most of the state.

Unfortunately, Southeast Louisiana took quite a hit from Hurricane Isaac’s passing just as we tried to close the books on August. Nevertheless birds are showing up statewide, including the storm-ravaged marshes of the southeast, aided by a timely cool front having just come through over the weekend. […]


In Plain Sight: Tips for duck hunting from layout boats

You hear it all the time when it comes to duck blind concealment: Low profile is key.

After all, the marshes of South Louisiana aren’t exactly known for stands of trees providing habitat conducive to hiding. Our marshes are dominated by cord grasses standing a towering 2 or 3 feet above the muck, depending on when the last hurricane visited.

If you’re lucky, there might be a patch of Roseau cane near your favorite pond, but that is usually more exception than norm.

And it seems that birds most often use ponds that inconveniently offer minimal cover to the hunter in pursuit.

That said, I have to chuckle when chasing summer redfish in the marsh and I come across blind after blind towering over the surrounding landscape. You know the ones I’m referring to: Just look out the window on your next flight out of Louis Armstrong New Orleans International. […]