Freshwater Fishing

Go old-school for shallow crappie

Melvin Cummings was an expert crappie fishermen 20 years before the words “spider rigging” ever became popular among the crowd that targets slabs — and even though he understands that the concept of multiple-pole trolling is tremendously effective, there’s at least one time of year when he isn’t going to put his single rod down for any reason.


Fishing Tournaments

Hackney just misses Top 25 Classic cut

Louisiana’s three-man contingent in the Bassmaster Classic will watch Sunday’s third and final day from the sidelines, all having finished out of the top 25 after Saturday’s action on South Carolina’s Lake Hartwell.

Greg Hackney of Gonzales, the reigning B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year, missed the cut by 5 ounces, finishing 26th with 21 pounds, 14 ounces after a disappointing day when he caught only three fish that weighed an ounce short of 7 pounds.


Freshwater Fishing

February is best month to load up on crappie

Fishermen in the Southeast who wait until March to break out their crappie rods, minnow buckets and tackle boxes full of tiny jigs and soft plastics are missing some of the best fishing of the year, according to North Carolina crappie guru Ed Duke.


Bass Fishing

How to pick the best creek to fish

Bass fishermen know that fall means going back in creeks to find fish that are mirroring the movements of baitfish. So how is it that on most reservoirs in the south, one or two creeks stand out in October and November as the places to be? Is there something about those creeks that make them the places to become Autumn?


Deer Hunting

Climate change impacting wildlife, study claims

The National Wildlife Federation is urging sportsmen to do their part to help slow down or reverse climate change, concluding in its latest report “Nowhere to Run: Big Game Wildlife in a Warming World” that many big-game species across North America are already being affected and could be headed for a big fall.

The 36-page report says overwhelming evidence points to climate change brought about by air pollution and other chemical additions to the earth’s atmosphere, and that wildlife managers need to take into account possible results when managing big-game populations.

The report, which can be accessed at, points to habitat changes that have already been documented affecting North American big-game populations of moose, pronghorn antelope, caribou, bighorn sheep, mule deer and whitetail deer, and predicts that effects of further climate change could even more drastically affect those species — as well as humans.


New Products

‘Purring block’ combines slate, glass to make toms make fatal mistakes

South Carolina call-maker John Tanner gets ideas for some of his custom-made calls from interesting places, but none better than a deer stand.

Tanner’s newest call, the “Purring Block” showed up on his drawing board last December after an afternoon in the woods deer hunting.

“I was sitting in my deer stand, when a flock of turkeys came by, feeding up the edge of a cornfield,” said Tanner, who gained recognition in his home state when he started making calls out of ancient cypress that had been aged at 46,000 years. “I listed to them communicating, and they were making little quiet, soft purrs. I got to thinking, ‘I can reproduce that sound.’”

A couple of months of tinkering resulted in the Purring Block, a two-sided call – a slate trough on one side and a circle of bead-blasted glass on the other – made just for those instances when a hunter needs a soft purr or cluck to make a gobbler commit to those last few yards that might prove to be his undoing.


Lovey Dovey

Louisiana will really be a “Sportsman’s Paradise” for those outdoorsmen who enjoy the challenge of wing shooting for speedy gray bullets that buzz grain fields in the fall. […]