Bass Fishing

Pitch Black

The Pipeline Canal was completely impassable. 

And with that, Patrick Engerran immediately resorted to Plan B. […]


Better late than never

Although he still gets up some mornings at 3 a.m. to participate in the rat race to go catch fish, Kevin Lawson admittedly isn’t as mad at speckled trout as he used to be. […]

Bass Fishing

Always bet on Black

I’ve got to admit I wasn’t expecting much.

Chad Wiley, a Bassmaster tournament pro from Pineville, asked me to meet him at Joe’s Horseshoe Lake Marina in Monterey. […]

Deer Hunting

‘Magic times’

A journal is one of those things that you might not feel like doing at the moment but wish you would have done after the fact.  […]

Deer Hunting

Stay away

Wesley Miller hunts in a completely different part of the state than Dennis Tietje — near Minden in Dubberly — and he has had just about equal success bagging December deer.  […]


Mid-season mastery

While December may be the chronological middle of the road for Louisiana’s deer season, it could be the beginning, middle or end of your season depending on where you hunt as it pertains to the stages of the rut. […]