Inshore Fishing

Catfish Lake stacked with reds, trout

After Hurricane Issac the marshes of Southeast Louisiana showed scars, and fish kills were being reported in various areas. Fishermen were hindered from getting on the water, but now that the situation has normalized it is time to get back on the water.

And, according to Capt. Vern Ledoux, specks and reds are in action in Catfish Lake. […]

Offshore Fishing

Tuna thick off the mouth of the Mississippi River

After a summer of finicky tuna fishing, the larger yellowfin have finally started to make their way into anglers’ ice chests with more consistency, and the landing of a pending state-record proves there are monsters out there.

Capt. Damon McKnight has been going out of Tiger Pass and has been finding lots of action. […]

Inshore Fishing

Delacroix offering great fall-fishing opportunities

Anglers looking for some fall action for the rest of October through November should head to the lakes surrounding the Delacroix area. Capt. Tommy Banca with Sweetwater Guide Service said.

“We caught 75 before before 8:30 AM on Friday and 115 before 9:30 on Saturday.”. Banca said of a recent trip. “In those two days, we hit Lake Campo, Four Horse Lake, Lake John, and Bay Round. We actually caught around 30 reds in Bay Round. […]

Inshore Fishing

Dularge fishing moves into fall frenzy

In the past two weeks, fall fishing has been winding up and speckled trout have been spread out in many areas. Southeast of Houma, though, has been ridiculously consistent in producing limits of trout and redfish since late September.

Capt. Marty LaCoste with Absolute Fishing Charters said the fishing in Lake Mechant, in particular, has been nothing less than amazing. […]

Waterfowl & Duck Hunting

Weekend rains provide unpressured teal hunting

Walking out into the flooded cow pasture caused my socks to dampen pretty quickly, but the squishing water was worth it. Finding a flooded hole in an overgrown pasture with standing rainwater is gold during teal and duck season.

“Energy and land companies clear land for differing business practices, (but) they are then required by the state of Louisiana to replant whatever timber was cleared,” avid outdoorsmen and high school friend Jonathan Folse said. […]

Offshore Fishing

Amberjack, blackfin tuna thick out of Cypremort Point

Catching amberjack and a deck full of blackfin tuna always makes for a successful meat haul to the outskirts of the continental shelf.

Loading up on those blackfin is usually a breeze, but getting down to monster AJs and grouper, skipping over pesky out-of-season red snapper, is what any serious angler wants to do during his September bottom-fishing time. […]

Bass Fishing

Keys to Red River bass

The Red River is known for its catfish and crappie, but even in September it will produce a full ice chest of bass. It’s just a matter of knowing where to fish.

Anglers should take note of the different underwater structure along the river try different techniques to bag limits, local guide Russ McVey said. […]

Bass Fishing

Atchafalaya Basin bass fishing still good despite Hurricane Isaac

When Hurricane Isaac blew through South Louisiana in late August, anglers across the region waiting for the inevitable fish kills. And, true to form, there were areas in which fish turned belly up.

The Atchafalaya Basin was no exception, but there were still bass to be caught, one local tournament angler found during a trip that ended with nearly 100 fish being boated. […]

Offshore Fishing

AJ’s, tuna provide offshore alternatives to red snapper

Snapper season was explosive but short lived, so offshore anglers turned their energies to chasing heavier monsters. Now that amberjack season has reopened and is in full swing, Capt. Darrel Carpenter of Reel Screamers Charters has been pulling them up in droves.

“They’re all over the canyon rigs right now,” Capt. Carpenter said. “They definitely have some bruisers out there. I’ve been catching them in places that I never even knew there were amberjack. I went for grouper in 200 feet and pulled up an amberjack. […]

Inshore Fishing

Vermilion Bay gives up 7-pound trout

Trout are beginning to move off of the coast and back into the marsh and inland bays, making it the perfect time to head into Vermilion Bay. In fact, 70-year-old Ray Hargrave, a lifetime recreational fisherman, recently caught his biggest speckled trout after fishing the bay.

“I thought that it was a redfish at first because she (the trout) pulled down and never surfaced. I knew it was something big though, so I didn’t horse it too much with my 12-pound test,” Hargrave said. “I like to use light line so that I can really feel that ‘thump-thump’ when it hits. It really wasn’t a tough fight. She finally surfaced and just swam straight into the net.” […]

Inshore Fishing

Black Bay, Delacroix marshes heat up

Running to Black Bay from Delacroix and working your way back through the marsh to Orange Bayou is your best bet for a fat, mixed bag of inshore species. The larger speckled trout have finally settled into the area, so they’ll be in the bag — along with black drum, redfish, flounder and bass.

“The water’s just been too warm for those specks so they’ve been staying out, but they’re finally making their way back in (to Black Bay),” said Scott Walker, known as ‘nightfisher’ on the forums. […]

Inshore Fishing

Trout, cobia stacked up south of Cocodrie

Catching a mess of trout in Caillou Bay and then going out to South Timbalier to bag a few lemon fish, or vise versa, should be a breeze right now for anyone with a bay boat on a calm day.

That’s because the speckled trout have been stacked up around many of the wellheads between Raccoon Point and Blue Point, while cobia are cruising those same waters, according to avid recreational fisherman and user Scott Walker. […]

News Breaker

Cut Off angler hit in head with mackerel, hospitalized with severe injuries

James Ledet was sitting on the front of the center console of a pristine 32-foot Yellowfin cruising at 45 mph. The next thing he knew he was in a hospital wondering what happened and why he was there, only to be told that he was pummeled in the jaw by a fish flying through the air at 50 mph.

Ledet would have been more likely to have won the lottery or get struck by lightning that day. […]

Offshore Fishing

Snapper season closes with easy limits

With the closing of snapper season, we find ourselves dreaming of next March and new regulations. There are no shortages of red snapper in the Gulf right now, and bagging a limit of some 10- to 15-pounders on the last day of snapper season (July 16) was almost too easy aboard the Cajun Venture with Capt. Chad Reinhardt.

We left out of Fourchon at 6 a.m. and ran to a wreck approximately 35 miles from the coast, halfway into the South Timbalier blocks. Live hardtails were hooked onto 16-ounce leaders and the boat limited out with 12 snapper in less than 90 minutes. […]

Inshore Fishing

Fishing action abundant up and down Mississippi River

The river has been low and the water around the mouth is a luscious, trout green. All you need to complete this picture is a good location for a boat and a shrimp under a cork.

Capt. Owen Langridge, with Big “O” Charters, has manifested this image into reality, and has been catching limits of specks and reds by 11 a.m. every day.

“You can do anything out of Venice — fish trout in the morning, go out to 100 feet of water to get some snapper and make it back just in time to catch some reds along the river.” Langridge said. […]

Offshore Fishing

Final weekend of snapper season offers easy pickings out of Cocodrie

Red snapper numbers in the Gulf of Mexico have grown to the point that snapper seem to be everywhere off the Louisiana coast. And the elongated season, which closes on Monday (July 16), provides another weekend for anglers to get out and take advantage of this largess.

Fortunately, bagging a limit of red snapper before the season is over is almost as easy to accomplish as talking about it. […]