Success at First Sight

“Finding a good tournament fishing partner is kind of like finding a good wife,” said Chag’s Sporting Goods owner Ray Chagnard. “If you’re going to play this game right, you’ve got to work to create a partnership that works.” […]

Bass Fishing

Knocking Off Limits

It was obvious the day was going to get wet as Toledo Bend guide Glen Freeman pulled his boat away from the landing. A thick bank of dark clouds was on the northern horizon, evidence of an impending cold front. […]

Bass Fishing

Top Billing

Options abound in South Louisiana during November. It’s a literal sportsman’s choice as the deer are rutting, the ducks are flying and the deep-water trout are biting. […]


Duck opener is like Christmas morning

The scene was nearly too much to take in.

A flock of seven gray ducks rode a 15-m.p.h. tailwind from east to west about a hundred yards to the south of our blind. Their flapping silhouettes were the perfect accent to the rich-blue sky that served as a canvas far more beautiful than anything ever painted by man. […]