Freshwater Fishing

Bassmaster Elite Series pro and Sportsman TV host Greg Hackney enjoyed a recent sac-a-lait trip out of Houma..

Orange Grove sac-a-lait bite on fire

Guide provides tips to load up on slabs out of Houma
February 16 at 4:41pm
Like a mystic, Clyde Folse has been conjuring up crappie all his life.

About Lake Boeuf

February 15 at 7:00am
Jeff Glover prefers Bobby Garland plastic jigs for Caney crappie.

Glover’s go-to crappie gear

February 15 at 7:00am
Jeff Glover fishing the deep water at the Caney spillway for big winter crappie.

A Caney crappie primer

February 15 at 7:00am
Jeff Glover used jigs to catch these Caney crappie.

Caney Lake is black crappie haven

February 15 at 7:00am
Bigger baits, bigger jigheads and bigger minnows will often lead to bigger crappie.

Bigger baits mean bigger crappie

Upsize your offerings to catch more slabs
February 14 at 1:58pm
One of Bassmaster Elite Series pro Cliff Crochet’s favorite February lures is a Rat-L-Trap, perfect for ripping through grass this month to catch Basin bass.

Cajun Baby’s Top 5 February Basin lures

Crochet shares thoughts on best wintertime fishing options
February 06 at 4:30pm
In late winter and early spring, much more of the lake is relatively open water than in May or June. By late summer, the lake is almost solid green with plant growth.

Speckled dreams — Best tactics to catch springtime crappie

If crappie fishing fills your nighttime thoughts, this angler has the tips and tools to help turn dreams into reality.
February 01 at 7:00am
Jeff Glover with a nice cold weather Caney slab.

Cold Caney crappie — Tips to catch Caney Lake’s slabs

Jackson Parish’s ‘other fish’ are gaining more attention, as Caney Lake grass beds return and foster hordes of big black crappie. And this angler tells you how to catch your share.
February 01 at 7:00am