Speckled trout action out of Shell Beach took off starting last Friday and hasn’t let up yet, according to a local fishing guide.

“We’re whacking them - finally,” said Capt. Jakamo Laboureur with Jakamo South Fishing Adventures. “Friday was the first real day of getting some trout in.”

At one wellhead near Breton Sound on Monday, he said his clients couldn’t put bait in the water fast enough.

“It was one of those “one-stop shop” kind of days,” he said. “Everybody I talked to did well yesterday.”

The trout aren’t huge, mostly in the 13- to 16-inch range, but the action has been pretty fast.

Laboureur suggested trying the long rocks in the MRGO, as well as the Junk Pile and other gas rigs and wellheads in Bay Eloi.

With a popping cork, he’s using 30-pound PowerPro braid and a 3- to 4-foot length of 30-pound Asari fluorocarbon leader attached to a No. 1 Kahle hook.

He uses the same line set-up for his Carolina rig, usually with an 18-inch leader and a 3/8-ounce weight unless the current is really strong.

“I’m using a No. 1 (hook) because the fish aren’t that big yet, but as the summer progresses, I’ll definitely move up,” he said. 

Even having to pick through a few gafftops didn’t dampen Laboureur’s spirit. In fact, after the long winter, he was almost relieved they had arrived.

“I’m still wearing my hunting stuff in the morning. It’s nuts,” he said, alluding to the chilly temperatures on the water. “I feel like the gafftops and trout kind of run together. That’s a good sign. That’s summertime.

“I’m happy to see them.”