Bomber Mullet

Trout, redfish, flounder, jacks — there aren’t many saltwater fish that won’t eat a finger mullet. That’s why anglers often try their best to impersonate these popular baitfish with the lures they throw.

Knowing this, the folks at Bomber designed the Saltwater Grade Mullet for the various inshore targets with a taste for these morsels.

Weighted for long-distance casting, the Bomber Mullet features color patterns designed specifically to mimic prominent inshore forage, tough construction to resist toothy damage, corrosion-resistant hardware and hooks, and a unique super-slow-sinking action that catches fish with a variety of retrieves.

The Mullet can be fished quickly across the surface in a walk-the-dog fashion to catch active fish hitting the surface, or it can be walked slowly under the surface to catch more-inactive fish. The erratic darting action triggers fish to strike and the tough construction and hardware does the rest.

The Bomber Saltwater Grade Mullet measures 3 ½ inches in length and weighs 5/8 ounce, and comes in nine durable and effective color patterns.

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MirrOlure C-Eye Pro Dog Jr.

If you have your eye on big trout or redfish, get your eyes on MirrOlure’s new C-Eye Pro Series topwater bait. The natural clear 3-D eyes, contemporary fish-catching finishes and bright, reflective, luminescent inserts make the C85MR irresistible to predators of all types.

High-frequency rattles enhance the appeal, while the seductive surface walking motion sends fish over the edge.

It’s the ideal tool for searching the shallows to locate active fish.

The 4-inch, ¾-ounce C-Eye Pro Series comes in six colors patterns.

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Paul Brown SoftDine

Combining the appetizing features of a tapered, shad-like profile with that famous fish-pleasing soft feel, the new Paul Brown Soft-Dine is sure to tempt trout and redfish.

With a built-in reflective foil insert for added realism and a special sonic rattling chamber for more vibration and noise, the Soft-Dine casts like a bullet for those longer presentations.

Measuring 2 5/8 inches and weighing 3/8 ounce, the Soft-Dine comes in 13 colors.

Egret Baits Jumbo VuDu shrimp

What do all inshore fish just love to munch on? Shrimp. And if they have their druthers, would they eat a small snack or a whopper shrimp?

The answer is obvious.

That’s why Egrets Bait took their already-proven VuDu Shrimp and upsized it to a 4-inch version that is sure to drive fish mad.

The new Jumbo VuDu is composed of durable nylon attached to a ¼-ounce jighead, and the body is notched along the tail to allow lifelike action.

The hook of the jig is no slouch, either. It’s a 4.0 4x black nickel model that can stand up to the beating even line-stripping reds hand out.

The Jumbo Vudu Shrimp is available in eight colors and comes two to a pack.

It retails for $8.39 per pack. Go to for more information.

P-Line Kick’R Minnow

The Kick’R Minnow is designed to be a versatile tool in the arsenal of any angler. The hand-poured soft-plastic body is scented and shaped to mimic minnows that all fish love to eat.

And, because the Kick’R is soft, it can be fished at extremely slow speeds while maintaining its great action. And the slender body is the perfect design for A-Rig applications.

When fished on a jighead, the larger version of this bait will destroy tuna, redfish, striped bass and bottom fish.

It also can be used for bass-fishing applications.

This bait comes in three sizes: 4 inches (6 per pack), 5 inches (5 per pack) and 6 inches (4 per pack).

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