November was a bang-up month for big bucks for the Rogers family in Florien.

On Nov. 3, Colton Rogers, 21, shot a big 13-point in Sabine Parish that green scored 160 inches and was highlighted in a story on 

His dad, Stanley Rogers, got in on the action himself on Nov. 24 with a nice 11-pointer he shot only about 200 yards from where the 13-pointer had gone down three weeks earlier.

“I had seen him all year on camera, but mostly at night,”  said Stanley, 44, who operates a dozer service in Florien. “The day before the hunt, I had some pictures of him at about 4:45 in the afternoon. That was the only pictures I had of him in the day.”

Knowing the big buck had been out in the daylight the afternoon before, Rogers got to his stand along a power line right-of-way in Negreet at about 3 p.m. that Sunday.

A 4-point appeared about 4:00 and a 6-point came out about 4:45, but that was the only action Rogers saw until almost 5:15 as daylight started to fade. 

Then the big 11-point walked out from a pine sapling thicket about 150 yards from his stand.

“I didn’t give him much time when he walked out,” Rogers said. “I don’t even remember grabbing my gun and shooting him, honestly.

“It was propped there in the corner, and the next thing I remember, I knew I’d shot him and I got down real quick and ran down there to see if I could find some blood before it got dark on me.”

There was plenty of blood, but the buck took off across the lane and ran into the woods, so Rogers called his son for assistance.

“I called Colton and told him that I shot one that ran across the high line and to come help me track him,” Stanley said. “I didn’t even have a light with me, so we walked in the woods and he only ran about 40 yards.

“Man, I was happy.”

Ironically, Colton was literally on his way to the taxidermist that evening to drop off his 13-point when his Dad called. 

“I had to pass up the taxidermist’s house to go down there and help him find it,” Colton said. 

The buck was a main frame 5 X 5 with a sticker on his left G3, and he had an inside spread of 20 ½ inches. Stanley Rogers estimated the buck weighed about 185 pounds, and said  he expected it to green score at about 150 inches Boone and Crockett.

Stanley’s big buck wrapped up what turned out to be a November to remember for both father and son.

“It’s been the best hunting year I’ve ever had,” Colton said. “That was the biggest buck he’d ever killed and the biggest buck I’d ever killed, within three weeks and less than 200 yards from each other.”

And as you might suspect, Colton said there had been a little good-spirited ribbing between the two after he shot the 13-pointer early in the month.

“But I didn’t want to egg him on too bad because he’s got good luck, and I figured he’d pass me up,” Colton said with a laugh.

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