Hunter’s Tech has developed a product, the Laser Game Marker, that will help deer hunters mark and track deer that are shot during the last few minutes of daylight.

The Laser Game Marker gives hunters a leg up on the problem of locating exact spots where deer were standing when shot, or where they fell, after climbing down from a tree stand after dark.

The problem is an especially big one for bowhunters, who rely on their ability to locate sign after dark and track wounded deer.

For $35 (Laser Game Marker) or $70 (Pro Series Game Marker) a hunter can aim a laser beam from his tree stand, mark a downed animal or where it was standing when hit, descend, then see exactly where the beam points.

The Laser Game Marker has a range of 200 yards, while the Pro Series Game Marker’s range is 400 yards.

For more information, you can visit the Hunter's Tech Web site by clicking here.