After almost too many days to count of a steady west wind blowing across the southeast Louisiana coast, today brought a welcomed change: a slight breeze from the northeast and a calm day on the water.

Capt. Jakamo Laboureur, with Jakamo South Fishing Adventures out of Shell Beach, said the specks are really biting in Breton Sound right now.

“We whacked ‘em today. I was done by quarter to eight this morning,” he said. “The trout are really turned on good in Breton Sound, even on the west side going towards the river.”

For anglers looking for specks in the area this weekend, he recommended the rocks in the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet Canal, and the west side of the MRGO. He also suggested bouncing around some of the larger rigs, and checking some of the smaller satellites, as well.

“Live shrimp 4-feet under a popping cork or on a Carolina rig should get it done,” Jakamo said. 

The specks have been pretty solid in the 14- to 18-inch range, he said.

“You’ll have to weed through the gafftops, no doubt, but that’s just summertime,” Jakamo said. 

Earlier in the week when winds were higher, he said the redfish were thick around the cuts and drains in Lake Borgne.

“They’re stacked up pretty good. Dead shrimp or live shrimp, it doesn’t matter. Dead shrimp works just as good, to be honest,” he said. “Throw up into the current and let it drift down around the point and let the redfish eat - don’t set the hook right away.”

Mild winds from the south and southeast are expected through Monday, he said.