Ron Aulds' favorite way to fish Caney Lake might be working big worms in the deep brush piles, but he knows that's not the only way to catch big bass.

With so much vegetation showing up in the backs of the creeks, there will be a really good early and late frog bite.

"Frog fishing should be phenomenal this year," Aulds predicted at the end of April. "The water was up as high as I can remember back in spring, and it is over the top of some of the grass right now."

Since the water was so low last year ­— by as much as 3 or 4 feet — non-aquatic grass grew up around the edges of the lake, and that is the grass that was flooded earlier this year. In many areas, there was about a foot of water over the top of the grass.

"Where you can find a mix of dollar pads and grass, you're going to find the best fishing," Aulds noted. "The big thing up here right now is the hollow-bodied frogs like the SPRO Bronze Eye Frog. You can fish it so slow in those pads versus just a straight pull like some of the buzzing frogs."

Although he didn't think the water would remain high into June, Aulds said he did think it would at least be at pool level.

However, if the weekly rains continue in North Louisiana, all that extra water would only make the bite that much better.