Winds have been almost relentless during the spring of 2018, but when South Louisiana anglers can get out, they're finding hot action on some of the healthiest speckled trout in years. That was definitely true my son, Joel, buddy Justin Bowles and me during a Thursday fishing trip.

After getting a handful of reports that the fish had shown up at the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, we left out of the public launch in Madisonville before sunrise and got on a great bite while most commuters were still driving to work. We fished beautiful water along the northern half of the 24-mile-long bridge. Winds were weak early, but built the seas to about 2 feet by the end of the morning trip.

The action was far from non-stop -- it seldom is at the Causeway -- but the fish were big and ferocious, using every trick they knew to pull free from or shake the hooks. We actually lost more fish than we caught.

But we went home elated, knowing that the Causeway is on, and should be for several more weeks. Oh, there's also a bunch of redfish on the bridge legs as well.

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