November 2007 - Volume 27, Number 11


Year three may be the charm for a 10-year plan to grow bigger bucks at the already trophy-rich Thistlethwaite WMA.

There’s no other wildlife management area quite like it.

Some deer hunters sing its praises, while others curse its understory consisting of a jillion palmetto plants.

Even though she’s a self-professed “girly girl”, Sarah Head causes big bucks to quake whenever she walks by.

The traditional fairy tale Beauty and the Beast is a perfect example of situational irony. Readers don’t expect Beauty, or Belle in the Walt Disney version, to ever fall in love with such a hideous looking beast, but that’s exactly what happens in the end.

This Franklin hunter’s Alaska trip didn’t go quite as planned. Would the hunter become the hunted?

Twenty minutes into a 50-minute plane ride at the end of a five-day grizzly bear hunting trip, Jody Vaccarella of Franklin quit thinking about the wondrous sights he’d just seen in the unspoiled wilderness of Alaska.

Want to increase your haul? Then set out a spread where waterfowl go to dine.

Pelayo knelt near the bow sweeping the Q-beam along the squiggly trenasse. I steered the little 9 1/2-horse outboard while trying to heed his frantic arm motions to turn this way, then suddenly THAT way. Then THIS way again, then THAT way!

Having problems putting bass in the boat? If you have some of these unlikely looking lures in your tackle box, you’ll soon be culling.

It was obvious the day was going to get wet as Toledo Bend guide Glen Freeman pulled his boat away from the landing. A thick bank of dark clouds was on the northern horizon, evidence of an impending cold front.

Don’t let blustery winds keep you from experiencing the redfish bonanza on the east side of the river.

Everybody knows you can’t catch fish in the wind. It’s one of those well-established and oft-repeated pearls of advice: “Stay home on windy days.”

South Louisiana has the toughest terrain in existence for harvesting whitetails, but there are ways to up the odds substantially in your favor.

“Not bad for a marsh buck!”

How many times had I heard those words?

Now, here I was looking at a buck that was more than “not bad.” He would score 130 B&C if I could put a ¼-inch flexible steel tape measure on him.

Put out a nice spread and call correctly, and a wide variety of ducks will be putty in your hands when you forsake the fields and timber to hunt the marsh.

I withdrew into my parka as Kirk Stansel buzzed his way through the narrow maze of ditches that ran through the marsh. The mix of stinging raindrops and the slapping reeds was a bit too much for the senses at such an early hour.

Louisiana has the best flyfishing for redfish in North America. Here’s how to get in on the action.

Webster defines pandemonium as ‘a wild uproar.’

I’m pretty sure that’s the best way to describe what was happening all around me.

Get off the bank, and drop anchor in the middle of large lakes to greatly increase your duck harvest this winter.

In the beginning, Lloyd Landry was just like any other conscientious Louisiana duck hunter. He would study duck flights and feeding patterns in the Venice area, and set up his blind along primary flight corridors.

These two partners have found instant success on the redfish tourney circuit. Here’s how they do it.

“Finding a good tournament fishing partner is kind of like finding a good wife,” said Chag’s Sporting Goods owner Ray Chagnard. “If you’re going to play this game right, you’ve got to work to create a partnership that works.”

Chagnard found his partner almost 20 years ago.

Some people brag about knocking down deer at 500 yards, but not many gamble on head shots at those extreme distances. This Baton Rouge physician does, with his longest shot logging more than 800 yards on his range finder.

The goal of most hunters is to get as close as possible to a deer to ensure a kill, so Bill Cobb was surprised by Dr. Randy Brown’s request before heading out of Woodlawn Plantation Hunting Club’s camp a few years ago.

There’s no better way to catch South Louisiana bass this month than throwing topwater baits over points.

Options abound in South Louisiana during November. It’s a literal sportsman’s choice as the deer are rutting, the ducks are flying and the deep-water trout are biting.

With so many choices, it might seem unusual for some folks to think about bass fishing.

Think it's been too hot to kill big deer? Billy Husted might disagree. He downed the new state record archery buck on Oct. 2.