Rite in the Rain tablets are waterproof.  You can use their pen to write, or any pencil.

RIte in the Rain tablets perfect for outdoor environment

For a neat product that doesn’t cost a lot of money, check out Rite in the Rain tablets, long used by EMTs, game wardens and those people who might need to take notes in inclement weather. 

June 08 at 2:29pm
The V-Sharp Classic II features diamond stones, is easy to use and leaves a great edge on your knife.

V-Sharp Classic II sharpeners foolproof, affordable

A dull knife is a real pain, and Bowie Outfitters manager Lea Benoit said the V-Sharp Classic II pull-through sharpener from Warthog is a foolproof, affordable, easy way to keep all kinds of knives razor sharp. 

June 08 at 2:15pm
The Wingman Plus vacuum sealer by FoodSaver is built with the outdoorsman in mind, and can handle limits of ducks and coolers of fish.

Wingman Plus vacuum sealer perfect for hunters, fishermen

If you’re looking for a vacuum sealer made specifically with a hunter or fisherman in mind, look no further than the Wingman Plus from FoodSaver. 

June 08 at 2:09pm
St. Croix Avid Inshore

St. Croix Avid Inshore

Designed specifically for inshore saltwater angling, the Avid Inshore series from St. Croix Rod includes 22 spinning and casting models that will help you catch redfish, trout, flounder and drum. Avid Inshore features include Integrated Poly Curve tooling technology, super-grade cork handles tipped with corrosion-proof wind checks and Kigan Master Hand Zero Tangle guides with solid-titanium frames for the ultimate protection from saltwater conditions.

June 01 at 7:00am
The Bait Sack

The Bait Sack

The Bait Sack is a secure lure protector that will shield your tackle from damage and untimely tangles. It will also protect you and the people you fish with from injury. The Bait Sack comes in three sizes: Small (3.75” x 5.25”), Medium (4.5” x 7.5”) and Large (5.25” x 9.5”). Eliminate potential hook mishaps in seconds with this no-nonsense marine-grade vinyl pouch and clever clip system.

June 01 at 7:00am
The wheeled Summit 30 from K2 features a telescopic handle, a 20-can capacity and weighs just over 33 pounds — 30 percent lighter than competitors' 30-quart models.

K2 Coolers rolls out mobile Summit 30 model

K2 is rolling out a brand new cooler — literally.

May 17 at 8:32am
Tommy Giles, of Shreveport, fishes on Caddo Lake in an Ultraskiff 360, a round, lightweight one-man boat with a 6-foot diameter that's suitable for both fresh and saltwater fishing.

Fishing in the round: The Ultraskiff 360

Tommy Giles owns an insurance company in Shreveport, but that didn’t stop him earlier this year from becoming a boat dealer — of sorts.

May 04 at 7:38pm
Paul Brown Soft-Dog

Paul Brown Soft-Dog

Paul Brown Lures recently introduced their first top water surface walker, the 3 ¾-inch Soft-Dog. The ideal search bait, the Soft-Dog can walk-the-dog with ease and makes for effortless long distance casting. Its soft plastic design also creates a realistic baitfish feel that trophy gamefish find irresistible, making it the perfect mullet imitation for fishing the shallows. 

May 01 at 7:00am
The HOSS Fillet Knife kit sells for $225 including shipping, and includes a Ridgid reciprocating saw, carrying case and a custom-machined 9-inch Dexter fillet blade. Currently, the kits are available at Puglia's in Metairie.

ULL senior creates sawzall-powered fillet knife

Remember the old '80s Ginsu knife infomercial, which depicted the Japanese kitchen blade cutting through tin cans, blazing through a box of frozen spinach and chopping a piece of wood — then cutting a piece of bread so thin “you could almost see through it?”

April 06 at 9:29am
Wilderness Systems Tarpon 130X

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 130X

This performance driven Tarpon kayak has the speediness and exceptional stability of the original Tarpon, but has been updated with modern visuals and abundant features. Those feature upgrades include the new ultra-comfortable AirPro MAX Lite seat with a slide-on-track system for increased fore/aft trimming and the versatile FlexPod OS, a drop-in, self-contained console that adds more storage, electronic and propulsion opportunities. 

April 01 at 7:00am
LiveTarget BaitBall Glass Minnow Twitchbait

LiveTarget BaitBall Glass Minnow Twitchbait

The LiveTarget BaitBall Glass Minnow Twitchbait will provide anglers a lure that perfectly mimics the small glass minnow forage that is targeted by trout, reds, Spanish mackerel or virtually anything chasing tiny bait. This lure has a super realistic profile and multiple flash points reflecting off the tiny school of minnows that will trick even the most wary fish. Available in a 3 and 3 ½-inch size and six color patterns this lure will present an ideal solution for many inshore applications.

March 01 at 7:00am
The Trailer Hook Pal allows a trailer hook to swing freely without being able to fall off the spinnerbait's hook.

A great trailer hook keeper system

A trailer hook can up your hookups when throwing a spinnerbait, especially when the fish aren't feeding aggressively. But if you use a trailer hook with a small eye, it can be hard to get it over the barb of the main hook — and it will not swing freely.

Conversely, if you use one that has a wide-open eye, the trailer hook can easily slip right off during a cast.

February 05 at 2:07pm
Shad Darter Heads

Mustad Elite Series Jig Heads

Mustad has just launched an exciting new range of custom quality jig heads. Special top quality features include exclusive new hooks, customizable designs and high-impact chip resistant gloss, UV, or low-vis matte epoxy finishes. The lineup includes several series of scale pattern Ball and Shrimp Heads, Stand Up/Shakey Heads, Wacky Heads, Shad Darter Heads, Customizable Football Heads, Inshore Darter and Bullet Heads all built on super strong Mustad UltraPoint Jig Hooks. 

February 01 at 7:00am
Plano’s A-Series Tackle Backpack

Plano’s A-Series Tackle Backpack

Some of the best fishing adventures exist in the least accessible places. That’s why Plano’s new A-Series Tackle Backpack is perfect for kayak anglers, expedition anglers, or anyone who needs to transport tackle while keeping their hands free. This backpack includes five 3600 StowAway tackle trays, a separate upper storage compartment, four pockets on the interior, four pockets on the exterior, a cushioned back pad and adjustable shoulder straps.

February 01 at 7:00am
SpitFire X7

SpitFire X7

Mercury Marine has introduced SpitFire X7, the first propeller in the 75-115hp engine class to be marketed with Mercury’s proprietary X7 alloy, which is 30 percent stronger and four times more durable than conventional steel. Using the X7 alloy and building off design elements from the best-in-class aluminum SpitFire, the SpitFire X7 significantly improves acceleration, top speed and holding ability. The new SpitFire X7 is available at Mercury dealers in 15-inch, 17-inch, 19-inch and 21-inch pitches.

January 01 at 7:00am
Z-Man Trout Trick


Z-Man Fishing Products has introduced a combo intended to appeal to speckled trout and the anglers who target them, a Trout Trick soft-plastic lure that’s mated with a Trout Eye jighead. The Trout Trick is a slender, 5-inch bait with a ribbed body and tapered tail that comes in 14 colors and is made of Z-Man’s durable ElaZtech plastic. The 3/16-ounce Trout Eye jighead features an oversized 3D eyeball, a 2/0 Mustad hook and keeper barbs.

December 01, 2015 at 7:00am