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We run a 31 foot Contender with twin 300 HP Yamaha engines wich translates in to smooth fast cruising to and from the offshore fishing grounds and no huge fuel bills when you gety back to the dock. The new 300's are VERY fuel efficient. We get $1000 a day plus fuel for the boat and normally only burn 100-120 gallons a day. We provide all the tackle, ice and b ait. All you need to bring is somethiung to eat and drink and a desire to crank up a bunch of fish!!

Come join us and let us share our true passion!!

The fishing in Venice is still very good. The biggest problem we have had lately is getting out early enough to dodge the storms that pop up right around day light. The last day I fished we left early trying to avoid them and still spent the the first half of the day getting mowed by big nasty storms. We had a hard time making bait because we were paying more attention to storms than bait, but the good news is that in the midst of all our running away from storms I ran across a bait spot that I had lost track of. Seemed they moved it and forgot to tell me. Well, I FOUND IT!! No more problems making bait from now on!
After making bait we moved on to the spot that had been holding Tuna for the past week. We were greeted by a seen that looked like the re-make of 'the Perfect Storm'. Pretty ugly! We just hide behind the rig and waited until the angry storm moved on to parts unknown then we pulled out and put the baits out and instantly FISH ON! We put that Tuna in the boat and redeployed the baits and again FISH ON! It's gonna be another great day right? Well we got to our spot at 11:00AM which is when we are normally finishing up due to sore arms and dwindling space in the ice hole. Come to find out 11:00Am must be when they quiet because we tried for another hour with no luck. Not a problem. We just pointed Poco Loco, North and went in to get our Red Snapper and that we did, but while we were catching them we had a surprise guest star show up. Mr Warsaw!! Yep we put him in the boat to top off and already bulging box of fish and headed for the house. Gotta Love Venice!
Capt Jerry Allen

Tuesday, July 19, 2011 @ 10:48:55 AM

Offshore/Bluewater Fishing

The Tuna fishing is has just been getting better!! They are starting to show at more and more places now so we have been able to spread out a little and not put so much pressure on one spot. Bait is getting to be much easier to come by which has been VERY nice. Most of the fish are 40-70 lbs with a few pushing 100lbs, but there are lots of them. The last day we fished we went 8 for 10 on Yellowfin!!
Red Snapper season has closed but the Tuna have way more than made up for that, and the Mangroves are still on the chew. Last week I had a crew that got to the dock a little late so the storms had already fired up, and we had no way to make it to Tuna land without getting in some really nasty storms so we went to the River Side restaurant and had breakfast. We waited till 1:00 PM and finally saw a window to make it to Mangrove land. Two hours later we were back at the dock with everyone's limit of Mangroves and only burned 37 gallons of fuel. Gotta love Venice!!
We have openings for August and September so if you want in on the fun give us a call.

Capt Jerry Allen

P. S.
Picks enclosed. Enjoy!

I'll try to brief, but in a nutshell the past four days have been MORE than 'just a little crazy'! Several 'first's' and lots of craziness.

The first three days we were to have 'team Amigo' on board to fish the Faux Pas Invitational. In short these guys were GREAT!!! Great chemistry, each individual strength complimented the other team members, and the team leader, Glen was the glue that kept us all together. Sounds like a group of guys that have fished together for life right? Well come to find out they had never meet one another until the night before the tournament!!!

We were entered in the inshore and offshore division which meant we needed to get Tuna, Wahoo, and Dorado for the offshore and Cobia, Mangrove , and King for the inshore which shouldn't be a problem since we have three days to do it in right? Well we had this storm named Don that was due to enter the Gulf The first morning so every forecast had BIG seas predicted for the first two days. Every forecast except one. Impact weather showed a very small window that said we could make it to Tuna land early the first morning if we were prepared to pay for it big time on the way home. Well Team Amigo elected to GO FOR IT. We left early and had a great ride for a while, then it started getting bad. By the time we got to Tuna land it was easy four to six and getting bigger. I checked XM Weather and The storm had indeed entered the Gulf but had a projected path heading straight to Brownsville. GREAT, get the lines in the water. Never got two baits set as the Tuna were on the chew! The only problem was we had these bands of weather that kept coming through that were getting STRONGER with every passing band. The last band was packing 50-60 MPH winds and raining so hard you couldn't see the front of the boat. Deck hand Hunter asked me to please check the XM weather as he was sure we were on a collision course with a hurricane. I assured him the storm was heading for Brownsville but checked it anyway. OH CRAP!!! It was heading right for us!! The cursor showed we were 209 miles from the EYE of the STORM!!! TIME TO GO!! For Safety's sake (WHAT?) we decided to run back with Capt Mike Gray. The plan was to stay in visual and radio contact with one another, the only problem was that with the 12 footers that we were running in Mike's boat was out of site most of the time. We finally made it back to the West Delta and the seas had gone down to 4-5 .With plenty of time we figured it would be a great time to get our Mangroves. Later that day we weighed in and had the 2nd place Tuna and 3rd place Mangrove. Not bad for day one.

Day two we had no hope of making it to Tuna land so we went East in pursuit of Kings and Cobia. Team member 'Sir Jigsalot' promptly put a King in the boat and we all cheered for joy!? It's just a 'little crazy' to scream for a King. Later that day with no Cobia on the boat we went into the two minute drill, and yep, we found our shrimp boat on the way home with Mr Cobia under it! We weighed in the number two Cobia for day two.

Day three the seas went down a little so with Doarado and Wahoo still needed, and a bigger Tuna we set off for Tuna land. We pulled up to the automatic spot and the Tuna were EVERYWHERE!!! Great right? Well we couldn't make them eat? We down sized to 40lb leader and #5 hooks, still no takers. If we aren't supposed to catch Tuna today then the Lord must have something else in store for us so we set out to find out what that would be. Didn't know where I was going for sure, just going. Sure enough we came across a BEAUTIFUL line! GREAT! We still needed our Dorado and Wahoo. Baits in the water and the Dorado started coming aboard. All we need now is our Wahoo. That was not to happen, but the man in the blue suit showed up and in less than 30 minutes team Amigo had 175 lb Blue Marlin alongside the Poco Loco!!! With no time on the clock it was time to head back to the dock. When we returned we found that we had the only Blue Marlin in the tournament!!! GREAT!!! Well later some one else said they had one too. After careful review of both teams photos and video the tournament directors decide to flip a coin for first place.. WHAT??? That's just a little crazy? Coin was tossed, we lost so I guess we got second.

Day four, with the tournament over we were back to regular work with a new crew from Alabama. Great crew. Two Dads that were brothers and there children. Three young women and one young man. All of them including the young women were great anglers.
We meet at the dock at 5:00 AM and were preparing to head for the 'automatic' Tuna spot when Capt One Eye pulled up alongside and asked which way we were going. ' Is there really a decision?' I asked. That's when he informed me that the 'automatic' Tuna spot was being towed to Texas and was probably half way there by now. WHAT??? That's CRAZY!!! He told me that after I left the day before they hooked onto it and were heading for Texas. Dang it I hate that when that happens!!
No problem. Took off in another direction to see what we could find. First stop we ran to was pretty dead but still managed to double up. Only this double was kind of crazy. One was a Bull Dorado and one was a stud of a Yellow. After that little flurry everything went dead so we headed for our second stop. Doubled up again. Again, one Bull Dolphin and one Tuna. Crazy. Then the Ship we were pulling them out from under pulled off from the rig and left?!! Can we catch a break? We caught some more Dorado and could have caught a lot more but both dads elected for another Tuna run so off we went. Next stop we decided to pull baits because Carley really wanted a Marlin. Second pass and BANG. Marlin on!!! The man in the blue suit didn't stick around for long though because he was only bill rapped. Oh well, they got a show anyway.
With no Tuna around this spot we headed back to the dock with a nice box of fish. We got back only to find Capt George at the cleaning table with nine Tuna. Come to find out Capt One Eye was mistaken, the automatic Tuna spot was still there. WHAT???!!! That's just CRAZY!!

Didn't I say I was gionng to brief? Sorry bout that. In a nutshell you GOTTA LOVE VENICE!!!

If you want in some of the fun, just give us a call.

I'm going to try to enclose some pics. Enjoy.

Capt Jerry Allen

The Tuna fishing in Venice continues to be very good, although it's still Tuna fishing and far from automatic. Some days they are absent from places that we killed them at the day before. Other days we roll into a spot that is covered up with Tuna only to have them swim by our baits and show us there middle fin on the way by, but it seems like if you keep changing spots and techniques you can eventually crack the code for that day.
Something that's going on that normally happens this time of year is that a lot of the fish move out into open water. I don't know why they do it for sure, but I know there are small pods of bait in open water heading for parts unknown and when the Tuna find them it's GAME ON!!! Lot's of fun and some days it's about the easiest Tuna fishing to be had. Just find the Frigates and wait. Sooner or later the Tuna come up and they aren't scared of anything. They get real competitive and will allow you to drive right in the middle of them and hand feed them. It's really a cool deal. Kind of like chasing specks under the birds only these specks are 70-100 lbs and fight like a Mule!!
We did an overnighter the other night, and I forgot how much fun that can be. The Yellowfin bite wasn't happening during the night, but the Blackfin are always willing to play, our customers had a BALL with these tasty little tid bits.We had doubles, triples and quadruples most of the night and our people were giggling and laughing like a bunch of kids. Good fun for sure!!
It wont be much longer and the really BIG Yellows will show up, and all the suumer time light tackle stuff will have to come off the boat only to be replaced by the big guns.
If you want in on the fun give us a call!
Capt Jerry Allen

The fishing in Venice this past week remains VERY GOOD!!

The Tuna have moved back in close so we don't have the long runs to make anymore so that's nice. The only problem is that even though they are close they tend to move around a lot. The rig that was hot yesterday is barren today, but if you keep moving around you can find them. Some days the problem was not finding them, but trying to figure out what they wanted to eat. We would try to make sure we had 'crack', threads, and chunk before we got on them because some days they were VERY particular.

Something that is kind of neat is the LARGE number of peanuts that are around. Lot's of peanuts, and lot's of Bonito can always equate to fast and fun top water action. After everyone gets enough of that early top water action we will pull farther off the rig and put the live baits out for the big boys. Most of the bigger fish are still 50-70 lbs, but the last day we fished we put five big fatty's in the boat by noon with the biggest going over 100lb and the other four were over 70lbs.

The past couple of days we would quit Tuna fishing by noon because our guest's had all they wanted, and then we would go get on the Mangroves getting extremely fast limits. I guess we laid off of them some time back and they have short memories because they are fast and furious with no need for chumming.

The only down side to what's going on in Venice is the AJ's have been tough. Seem's like the commercial boys cleaned them out while the AJ season was closed for recreational fisherman, but with the Mangrove 's and Tuna on the chew all boats are coming back with nice box's of fish.

If you want in on the fun I have Friday and Sunday open.

Capt Jerry Allen

Capt Jerry Allen venice, LA USA

After getting blown out Saturday and thinking
Sunday was going to be the same way we left the
dock a little later than normal praying that the
seas would lay just a little.
I had the pleasure of having Capt 'One Eye'
crewing for me, and we decided that we should
get our AJ's first hoping for the seas to lay.
We made bait in no time and rolled into AJ land.
'One Eye' put the first live one on, sent it down
about 150 ft, and about 30 seconds later we were
After putting this AJ in the boat we reset and 30
seconds later we were on again!!
Things are looking good for sure especially when
we were not sure we would even get off shore.
With our limit of AJ's on the boat we headed
offshore in search of Tuna. We had our plans on
where we were going to go but they when we ran
into wall of Frigates it was pretty obvious
something was up. We hung out under the
Frigates with a live well full of baits and waited. It
didn't take long and Tuna were all around us
busting 'crack'. One Eye and I both put baits in
the water, and they both got CREAMED! One
pulled loose and the other went in the ice hole!
We stayed with the Frigates and the Tuna till it
was time to go.
We wound up with 5 Yellows and 3 -4 Blacks.
Lots of fun and a great ride home. The seas finally
laid down and we were able to run home at 45
Picks will come later!

Capt Jerry Allen

Capt Jerry Allen Venice, LA USA

The Tuna fishing remains very good in Venice. I wasn't sure what to expect after the tropical storm kept us off the water for about a week, but what we found was GOOD! The Tuna were still hungry and seemed to have gotten bigger. Most of the fish that were hitting the dock were over 80lbs. with several over 100lbs. The last day wer fished we had two over 100lb, and the others were all over 80lb. The only other thing that was a little crazy was the way the fish were fighting. Almost every fish we caught took off straight away from the boat and stayed high in the water? We would take off after the fish trying to run it down, fully expecting to see a Marlin jump only to wind up a big Tuna at the end of the fight. Different but fun!!
The last day we fished we had another crazy thing happen. We had a Mako a couple hundred yards from the boat just lose his mind and start free jumping!? He must have made a dozen or more jumps? CRAZY!
Looking forward to getting back on the water as we have some old freinds coming for a few days, and I can't wait to get them on the BIG fish that are areound now.
I am also excited by a report that Catain Eric gave me. Seems that Sunday he found a spot COVERED up with Grouper and no Red Snapper to fight through!! He said he had Snowy, Yellow Edge, and a Warsaw. Can't wait!!
Capt Jerry Allen

Gotta LOVE shrimp boat season!!!

The shrimp boats are here and the BIG Yellows are starting to show up.
So far the largest one was brought to the dock by Capt Eric Newman this past Monday and weighed in at 219lb wich is probably 100lbs more than the angler, Monique!! Congrats to Eric and Monique. Several other big fish have hit the dock this last week. Capt Scott came in with a 190 something followed by Capt Mike Gray with a 160 something and Captain Eddie had a 170 something Tuesday.
Lots of Balcks in the mixs well. Tuesday we had 23 Blackfin and had a STUD of a Yellow on ourselves but lost him due to a frayed leader. The action had been so fast I forgot to remind our anglers to check there leaders before sending them back out for another fish. You can BET that will be the last time I forget that!!
With the next cold front coming I can't help but think more and more BIG Yellows will be showing up so if you want a shot at a REALLY BIG Yellow give us a call. Now is the time!!!

Capt Jerry Allen

Capt Jerry Allen Venice, LA USA

Crazy weather!!!
Man has it been tough trying to pick the gaps between these fronts!
It looks like from Friday on we should have REALLY GOOD weather, and the fishing has still been good when we have been able to go. The shrimp boats are still in place with Blackfin and Yellowfin on them, and the Cobia are beginning to play. I would bet after this next front the Cobia will be in full swing!
If you want to get in on some of the fun I have a few days left In October so give us a call!
Capt Jerry Allen

Tuesday, October 18, 2011 @ 9:56:

Capt Jerry Allen Venice, LA USA

Monday and Tuesday the Tuna fishing was about as good as it gets, but then came Wednesday and it went OFF THE CHAIN!!!
The only problem I have is that I did not get to participate in the action Tuesday or Wednesday as I had no trips! Wednesday the fish were behind the shrimp boats like they should have been for the last several days,and they were there with a vengience. Most every boat came back with lots of fish and congrats to Capt Eddie Burger for his 198lb. Yellow.
The fishing the past several days has
really been good. An example of that is Capt Will Wall left the dock at noon Monday, and ran six miles out
and in no time had a 150lb Yellow in the boat. He said he was in site of the light house the whole time they were fighting the fish.
Seems like the shrimpers have finally been able to stay offshore long enough for all the Tuna to find them and with this next front only lasting a couple of days, and not getting too awfull rough I think the shrimpers will stay in place and keep attracting more Tuna!!
I am way excited to get back on the water for a little pay back as I said earlier I misseed out on all but one of the best days. We fished Friday through Monday with mixed results. We had a couple good days with Blacks ready to eat anything we fed them and we wound up with a couple of Yellows, although we never had one go over a 100lb. All in all throw in a couple of AJ's and some Scamp and all is good.
This front should be out of here and hopefully we will be back on the water by Wednesday. I have Friday open so if anyone wants a shot at a really big Yellow give me a call.
Capt Jerry Allen